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IP Trends; Patent and Startups; IP Theft; IOT Chips; Open Hardware; REUSE 2017

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[Nov 2017]

Top Stories

Lack of Patent Awareness Threatens Startups
Panelist from the Silicon Valley patent office and leading patent attorneys address startup IP and patent issues at SPIE Photonics West.

Trends Driving IP Reuse Through 2020
Semico Research’s Jim Feldhan shared detailed hardware-software intellectual property (IP) reuse trends through 2020 for the semiconductor chip market.

REUSE 2017 Tackles Semi IP Theft and Open Hardware
Keynote will highlight IP theft and prevention while afternoon panel wrestles with semi open source hardware reuse and IP.

Why is Chip Design for IOT so Hard?
Internet-of-Thinks (IOT) designers face a different set of challenges from their traditional ASIC and SOC brethren. Will the market be ready?


News From Partner and Related Sites: 

5G connectivity Advanced with IP Building Blocks
Critical low power, high performance 5G connectivity gets closer with Imec’s latest semiconductor IP building ADC and RF front-end SOC building blocks.

IP Survey 2017 Holds Surprises
CDT intellectual property (IP) survey highlights mixed signal, interface, fab, and third-party reuse trends.

Whitepaper series (by John Blyler) on Addressing Competitive Challenges with Enterprise IP Management.
Meeting ever-shorter development cycles at expected profit margins requires that semiconductor companies carefully manage all their resources, especially their IP, across below- and above-the-line product workflows. The companies who successfully manage their IP can gain a competitive edge.

[Video] IP Royalties Out – Commoditization in?
“IP Royalties Out – Commoditization in?” – Interview (Pt. 2) with Nikos Zervas, CEO of CAST IP, at the IOT DevCon 2017. We continue with our discussion of the changing landscape for semiconductor IP royalties in the Internet-of-Things (IOT) market. Nikos questions if hardware commoditization is really dead.




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