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IP Systems Embedded Blog Review – Friday November 28, 2014

by Hamilton Carter Senior Ediotr

Technology jobs in politics appear to be better gender balanced than technology jobs in general.  Connectivity’s Chris Nehls’ says:

“But many women sketch a very different picture of the political technology sector here in Washington. While politics certainly has its own glass ceilings, the joining of two industries long dominated by men – politics and technology – has not necessarily blunted female opportunity.”


Ever wonder how safe your cloud data storage is? This Intel blog sheds some light on public cloud security.  Also, find out what you can do to augment your data’s safety.


Speaking of data security, if you’re on the west coast in December, you might want to catch the Lunch and Learns hosted by Mentor in Irving on December 17th and Fremont on December 18th.  Mentor’s Felix Baum and Andrew Caples will be presenting pointers about IoT data security.


This is kind of cool and contains ‘un petit mystère’.  Find out why it takes a 10G Ethernet controller a bank of hardware accelerators and multiple CPU cores to do a motor control job usually attributed to a one dollar microcontroller.  Also learn how a permanent-magnet synchronous motor works!


A French company has harnessed a technology we deployed at our house a few years ago.  Put your hottest computer in your coldest room.  They place their cloud computers in heating customer’s rooms and then allocate compute load to the computers that are currently being tasked to produce more heat as determined by an on-site thermostat.


SystemVerilog, it offers designs and verification environments in a single language, but can it capture the playful debug aura of yesteryear’s straight Verilog testbenches?  Mentor’s Rich Edelman answers the question in “SystemVerilog Testbench Debug – Are we having fun yet?


Now that we’re starting to produce renewable energies in large quantities, the next big challenge is storing it.  Dassault’s Catherine Bolgar covers the state of the art in energy storage and details where the industry is headed.


The IoT is spawning a plethora of sensor designs.  Mike Thompson of Synopsys points out some of the challenges designers face in efficiently integrating them with SoCs.


Connected products are transforming the competitive landscape.  Jama’s Madeline Wigen covers the highlights of a recent Harvard Business Review article that heralds the third wave of IT driven competition.


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