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IP Systems Embedded Blog Review – Friday November 21, 2014

by Hamilton Carter, Senior Editor

Part 3 of the Specman reflection API blogs from Cadence is out. Once again, if you like building meta-tools, this API is for you! For example, want to build a memory profiler with functionality not built into the tool? The power lies within the reflection API.


Linda Qian of Intel briefs us on Intel’s new report “MakeHers: Engaging Girls and Women in Technology through Making, Creating and Inventing.”  She says:

“The report’s findings indicate that girls and women involved with making, designing and creating things with electronic tools may build stronger interest and skills in computer science and engineering.”


If your verification environment utilizes UVM, and you feel there’s more you could get from your verification tools if only you could fully utilize sequences, then check out this ‘UVM recipe of the month’.  Tom Fitzpatrick, presents a half hour presentation all about slave sequences.


If you’re like me and never remember how to get the simulator to tell you its timescale setting, here’s  a nice little to-the-point timescale pointer post form Amiq.


Jama’s Marc Oppy implores engineers that want their projects to come in on time to think like project managers.  What’s the price of not communicating and collaborating efficiently?  Marc says, “Forrester Consulting conducted in-depth surveys with 150 senior business and IT professionals at enterprise organizations and found that a hefty one-third of companies release their products late.”


Formal’s not just for PhDs anymore!  If you haven’t considered any sort of formal verification in a while, check out Brian Fuller’s report on Ziyad Hanna’s JUG keynote.  The technology is more scalable and user friendly than you might remember.


Just for fun!  It’s not embedded and it’s not IP, but if you enjoy playing around with new technologies and new APIs, then check out this piece from Intel on their RealSense hacker labs.  Two of the new technologies are facial landmark, and gesture recognition.  The lab is on the road and is headed for two of my old haunts next.  On December 2nd you can catch it in Austin, TX, and two days later on December 4th, the lab will be in NYC.

Rich Goering interviewed Cadence fellow Mike Stellfox.  Their conversation runs over the history of verification as we know it, and into the future.  Check out Mike’s thoughts on use-case software-driven verification.


Rich apparently had a busy and interesting month.  Having seen more than my fair share of ultrasounds in the last few years, and coming from an analog engineering background, I was fascinated with Rich’s coverage of Boris Murmann’s  keynote presentation: “Back to the Future: Analog Signal Processing”.  Murmann details not only how an ultrasound machine works, but how it could work better and more efficiently by offloading some of the jobs now done by DSPs back into the analog world.


For those of you celebrating it, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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