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IP Systems Embedded Blog Review – Friday December 5, 2014

by Hamilton Carter Senior Editor

Altera’s Ron Wilson lays out the consequences and opportunities of what he calls the flash revolution.  Find out what stackable flash memory cells portend for your industry.


Amiq’s Stefan Birdman reports on the inaugural DVCon Europe.  Get a Birds-Eye View of Stefan’s experience there and the cool things he found.


Mentor’s Colin Walls continues to catalog his articles on embedded system.  Check out his thoughts on MMUs; software and device power consumption, and the C++ static keyword.


Richard Goering covers a recent panel on the progress of low power design moderated by Cadence’s Brian Fuller.  “…there are still disconnects at the software and architectural levels, according to panelists…”


Rambus gives a quick synopsis of an EE Times article about the latest in single board computers.


Mentor’s Joe Hupcey III describes how Microsoft saved four man-months of verification effort while meeting their coverage goals.  Hint, they used metric driven automated processes as well as formal verification apps.


Our very own John Blyler comments on the perception of engineers and the engineering profession in the ‘States.


For those that like to play with new software on new platforms, here’s a table of contents for a series of Intel sponsored articles about programming in the Android OS on Intel platforms.


In another installment from the recent Jasper Users’ Group meeting, read about how Sonics, the configurable network on a chip IP vendor applies formal verification to their products.

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