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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday Nov. 3, 2014

Wearable WOW; Powering sensors, Qualcomm standards; Congressional IoT; Identity management; Future smart; M2M; User experience missing.

Wearables are the new tech WOW and not just for holiday feasting.  Rich Quinnell, Editor in Chief of IoT World, looks to be tossing a yellow flag for IoT developers, as well as those in the large corporations investing.  Is this Wearable IoT Trend Facing Uncertainty?  Read views, and a recent study on sustainability value from Endeavour Partners.

This tiny sensor includes a radio and RF energy harvesting built in. (Image: Amin Arbabian, Stanford)

This tiny sensor includes a radio and RF energy harvesting built in. (Image: Amin Arbabian, Stanford)

Powering sensors to operate with an extremely constrained power profile by harvesting energy from the radio waves that carry messages to the sensors to begin with, writes Dana Blouin, Researcher at Thammasat University.  He also talks about Stanford’s “ant-sized” radios at fraction of cost, and more with: Energy Harvesting Sensors to Expand IoT Possibilities

Broadcom’s Chairman and CTO, Henry Samueli addresses the drive for common standards to realize full potential benefits and rewards of IoT.  He speaks to rapid growth but only with availability of interoperable standards of products from multiple vendors to connect and interact regardless of brand, operating system, platform, device type or transport layer.

Senators Request Hearing on IoT before year’s end — In a letter to the chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation, and a ranking member of the committee, four members of Congress spelled out why there’s now a need for a general oversight and information-gathering session on the IoT.

Tele2 (with recent capability investments in M2M) connects with Cubic Telecom in a strategic partnership to provide global M2M/IoT solutions to companies in the PC OEM and automotive space.   Find out if this is a big deal.

Whether ready or not, living the “Minority Report” (movie) lifestyle, aka the smart future, is just around the corner … so writes James Fields, The Tennessean.   Yet how far shall these smart gadgets go since personal data breaches can come from seemingly safe places, i.e. such as the Home Depot data hack through their HVAC monitoring system.

Samsung invests in IoT identity management platform: Evrythng, the U.K.-based outfit building an identity management layer, and authentication of the myriad devices.  CEO Niall Murphy calls Samsung’s backing “another endorsement of Evrythng’s technology and vision…”

Harvard Business Review Blogs on “Humans Can Make the Internet of Things Smarter” addressing these two separate environments:  the IoT systems of sensors collecting info and transmitting between different devices without human intervention – and today’s mobile infrastructure with devices, the apps which are typically all about human interaction.
Rachel Schramm, SiliconANGLE, hits the nail straight on with a look at “Why the Internet of Things Will Turn Data Computing on its Head”.  In this article, Jim Green, CTO for the Data and Analytics Group at Cisco, is candid about expectations on the ‘industrial’ portion of the IoT market (vs personal).

Are we waiting with baited breath for the “smart washing machine”?  Drew Harwell, with the Washington Post put a focus on Whirlpool’s newest machine.  It boasts Wi-Fi with an iPhone app to start a load and texts when clothes are done.  Read why Chris Quatrochi, Whirlpool’s global director of user experience commented … “we’re a little bit of a hammer looking for a nail right now”.

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