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White Papers on ARM IoT Software

By Zach Shelby, Director of Technology at ARM for Internet of Things.

If you are curious how ARM is helping people engineer and deploy IoT systems through software, Pratul Sharma has published a set of White Papers covering the ARM Sensinode solution. Everyone knows mbed right? We are revolutionising the way people do embedded development with a great mbed SDK and free cloud based development. At ARM we also provide an end-to-end software solution called ARM Sensinode for secure, efficient and managed communication between all kinds of IoT devices and Internet based services.

Sample list of white papers titles:

Efficient and secure data communication and device management for an IoT application

  • This paper gives an overview of the ARM Sensinode IoT software solution

Benefits of the ARM Sensinode NanoService Security solution

  • Provides an overview of the security management and secure communications provided

Smart lighting application using ARM NanoService solution

  • A case study on how our technology is being used in the Street Lighting market from embedded street light controllers to the cloud

Read these and other white papers here.

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