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IP Systems Blog Review – Friday January 2, 2014

The holidays aren’t over yet!  Mentor’s Boris Marovic considers the science behind Santa.  Alien technology abounds. Follow an ex-Sparkfun engineer in his travels across Africa spreading robotics. Jama moved into a new headquarters for the new year! Things are a bit slow what with all the mandatory holiday shutdowns.  Here’s some fun holiday reading about the Blocks for the Intel ... Read More »

IP Systems Blog Review – Wednesday December 24, 2014

Blog Review 12/24/2014 by Hamilton Carter Technology Editor   Mentor’s Robin Bornoff begins a multi-part series on energy conservation through the responsible stewardship of hot water.   Catherine Bolgar covers recent predictions that the next industrial revolution will be spurred by doing more with fewer material resources.   Intel has added new cache monitoring technology to their Xenon class processors.  ... Read More »

IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, December 15, 2014

Atmel IoT predictions, Consumer Empowerment, Data Service Exchange, Interaction & Industrial Design, Intel IoT New Platform, Big Data – IoT one in the same, Smart Street. By Sally Bixby, Web Editor The Atmel team gives their Report on 10 Internet of Things predictions for 2015. While we’ll see the modern-day workplace transform, we’re alerted that it’s imperative for businesses to ... Read More »