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IP Systems Blog Review – Tuesday April 28, 2015

Big data and verification; reading design specs; all-digital radio; protocols: WiGig and HART; more from the Wilson verification study: FPGAs; the Studebaker plant gets a new lease on life; verification sequence portability; NASA space apps; draw a barn with SystemVerilog constraints; Industrial automation and the IoT; and upcoming events Read More »

IP Systems Embedded Blog Review – Friday December 5, 2014

by Hamilton Carter Senior Editor Altera’s Ron Wilson lays out the consequences and opportunities of what he calls the flash revolution.  Find out what stackable flash memory cells portend for your industry.   Amiq’s Stefan Birdman reports on the inaugural DVCon Europe.  Get a Birds-Eye View of Stefan’s experience there and the cool things he found.   Mentor’s Colin Walls ... Read More »

IP Systems Embedded Blog Review – Friday November 21, 2014

by Hamilton Carter, Senior Editor Part 3 of the Specman reflection API blogs from Cadence is out. Once again, if you like building meta-tools, this API is for you! For example, want to build a memory profiler with functionality not built into the tool? The power lies within the reflection API.   Linda Qian of Intel briefs us on Intel’s ... Read More »