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Systems Engineering Online CEU Course Schedule May-Jul 2016


The RMS Partnership offers on-site and online CEU technical courses through the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The instructors are technical professionals with many years of teaching experience and authorship.

RMSP503: Introduction to Private Contract Management
[FIT Online Course #PDP0721 – PRIVATE MGMT] Schedule: Online, May 9 through Jun 20, 2016    $450per engineer.
Taught by Cynthia Gayton Esq., Gayton Law
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This course is designed to promote more effective management of private engineering contracts and to increase the awareness of issues of contract requirements for non-technical managers within technical organizations. Due to the nature of the subject matter, related legal issues will also be discussed. This is an introductory course so there are no expectations regarding prior knowledge. At the conclusion of the course, the student should have a working familiarity with the private contracting process, techniques for contract negotiations, and contract administration.

RMSP206: Risk Management and Decision Making
[FIT Online Course #PDP0711 – RISK MGMT]
Schedule: Online, May 30 through Jul 1, 2016    $450per engineer.
Taught by John Blyler, PSU and JB Systems
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This course will examine the concepts, techniques and tools for managing risk and making decision as key components of the systems engineering process. Differences between mission critical and non-mission critical programmatic risk will be emphasized.  Other topics include the limits of expected value-based risk analysis, decision making strategies such a max/min, min/max and regrets. Formal methods in risk analysis, elementary decision analysis and decision trees, multi-objective decision making, Pareto techniques, optimality, and trade-off analysis will be covered.   Risk and decision techniques will be contrasted with the interfacing processes of program management and software engineering, from both the government (DOD) and industrial perspectives.  Case studies will be used throughout the course to demonstrate actual implementation of concept and techniques.

RMSP103: Implementing Performance Based Logistics (PBL)
Starts: Jun 13 2016
Taught by Lloyd Muller, RMS Partnership
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This fast-paced course integrates principles, policies and practices for implementing Performance Based Logistics (PBL) through enhanced Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability (RMS). It highlights key PBL concepts and the motivation for government and industry to improve sustainment strategies for defense weapon systems. The course summarizes Department of Defense directives and guidance concerning PBL implementation and describes examples from new systems and legacy sub-systems. It incorporates interactive team exercises to reinforce key activities like selecting a Product Support Integrator (PSI) and developing Performance-Based Agreements (PBA). The course also includes demonstration of additional PBL learning resources.

RMSP312: CyberSecurity Exposed
Starts: Jun 27 2016
Taught by John Blyler, PSU and JB Systems
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This course educates users with the CyberSecurity knowledge and skill set to survive malicious attacks that continue to increase in COMPLEXITY, FREQUENCY and SEVERITY. Students understand what CyberSecurity is all about: to manage assets, and deploy security measures to pre-empt, prevent, and proactively control risks by identifying, monitoring, prioritizing, controlling, and mitigating them.  Controlling these threats requires multiple security disciplines working together in context. While no single solution will solve the problem of such threats, next-generation security tools provides the unique monitoring, management, configuration, control, and the integration needed to find and stop these threats — both known and unknown.  This course will show what these tools are all about.

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