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SEMI Pacific NW Breakfast Forum: The Future of Moore’s Law

Attention – Semiconductor professionals in the Pacific Northwest! SEMI is having another half-day breakfast forum:

“The Future of Moore’s Law – As the famous law that drives the Semiconductor industry turns 50 years old this year, this event invites industry experts to come and share their views on where it will take us from here. While the measure of the original statement whether in transistor count or cost has evolved over time, the relentless march towards next generation capabilities continues to be a testament to the breadth of human ingenuity.  Please join us as we explore the possible future of our industry and the ways being explored to achieve it.

The SEMI Pacific Northwest Breakfast Forum provides valuable industry information and is a great opportunity to network with your colleagues and meet other local industry executives, attendees and presenters.  Stay in touch . . . and plug in!”

Time: Friday, October 30, 2015,  7:30 AM-11:00 AM

Visit the Semi site for details. See you there!


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