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Quality Products Deserve a Fighting Chance

Quality assurance testers, analysts and engineers are up to their eyeballs in details. They are the problem seekers, and often, the solvers.

By Eric Nguyen, Director of Business Intelligence at Jama Software

Where others create, testers provide the motivation to iterate, because they’re responsible for establishing the process of product improvement through the consistent (and sometimes insistent) stages of developing, validating and enforcing critical testing practices.

The job of QA—maintaining the connection between requirements and test cases and preventing mistakes in design, usability, functionality and performance—is vital to product quality. Team progress across the full life cycle of define, build and test, not to mention the growth and success of modern organizations, depends on delivering high-caliber products.

In successful development teams, QA enjoys solving problems and building test cases that elegantly align with continuous iterative requirements definition and code building. They see directly their impact. Speed, focus, accuracy and making the customer happy matter to them. They are quality warriors: Correcting code crimes, testing for transgressions, mending procedural misdemeanors and enduring the time-wasting, pace-breaking frustrations common to new product delivery.

The central frustrations of the testing team include:

  • Dealing with disconnected tools. Getting test runs from one troublesome tool to another.
  • Not being able to find information. Navigating complex systems that exist in different places is hard enough without having to also account for every related technical requirement and document.
  • Relying on reports that are missing critical data.
  • Ensuring that product designers, technicians and engineers have the explanations and decisions they need to keep improving products.

Connect quality to product requirements throughout.

Product-centric organizations can drive higher quality by ensuring complete test coverage against the most updated version of software, system and component specifications. To reduce defects and ensure on-time delivery, its critical to loop teams into the product delivery process early, and keep them connected throughout the design and development process.





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