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Patent disputes and management costs may stall growth in the Internet of Things

By John Blyler, Editorial Director

Complex semiconductor electronic systems – like the Internet of Things – are only possible by combining widely available hardware and software in innovative new ways. But proving who owns the intellectual property (IP) behind these technologies is becoming an increasingly difficult hurdle to clear.

If you had to pick one phrase that has captured the imagination of today’s high-tech community, it would be the Internet of Things (IoT). Synonymous with connectivity, the IoT will connect everything to everybody with applications that few of us today can imagine. The secret that few users appreciate about the IoT is that its greatest strength might also be its greatest weakness: namely, the innovative combination of intellectual property (IP) from multiple sources. The IoT phenomenon is flourishing today thanks to the availability of inexpensive, low-power, yet feature-rich electronic hardware combined with relatively free software development tools.

Read the complete story in Dassault Systemes’s Compass Magazine, Vol. 6.

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