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IP Systems Blog Review – Monday December 15, 2014

Kickstarter Projects, Code Coverage, Specman, verification, MOOC, Automotive, Mixed Signal, Conflict Free and IGBT.

by Hamilton Carter, Senior Editor

Find out about 8 home improvement kickstarter projects that feature ARM processors.  There’s a smart frying pan and a smart oven in the mix.

Raj Mathur shows how to effectively use code coverage at the system level even if you’re using hardware assisted verification techniques.  The method involves tracking signal toggles at the appropriate level of the design’s hierarchy.

Avi Farjoun of the Specman Support Team posted links to two Specman cookbook manuals.  They’re written at a fairly concrete level, (one of them is about synchronization issues between Specman and the simulator), and you’ll have to register with your email to get them, but if you use the tool, I’m betting they’re well worth it.

Hannes Froehlich pointed out that you can now play around with e code over on http://www.edaplayground.com/ .  He’s made a nice video of how to get started.  This is a pretty slick site for getting to play with tools that you’d otherwise have to buy a license for.  Also, did you know that Hannes,  along with Axel Scherer, is teaching a functional verification MOOC?  I’ve worked with Hannes and Axel and they’re both excellent teachers!

Watch this presentation from Mentor to find out how the automotive industry is ‘hardening’ open source communications solutions and then using them in conjunction with commercial IP to provide in-vehicle connectivity solutions.

If you’re interested in the how of machine driven cars, then this Mentor presentation is for you.

Cadence’s Steve Carlson points out the five issues that go wrong in mixed signal verification.  In a somewhat comforting way, you might argue they’re the same five issues that go wrong in pure digital verification.

Intel has made the move to conflict free tin, tantalum and tungsten.  This has dropped the price of non-conflict free versions of the same minerals by 30 to 60 percent.  In some cases, this has resulted in warlords that were controlling mines and smelters getting out of the business.

PWT_sample_pic1Finally, if you’re a user of insulated-gate bipolar transistors—IGBTs, then check out this presentation from Mentor on their IGBT tester.  There’s lots of product marketing to sift through, but also quite a bit of good information on how IGBTs work, (or fail as the case may be.)  I checked it out because I hope to soon be using an IGBT in my research.  Just the one actually, with any luck, but the information still applied.

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