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IP Systems Blog Review – Sunday May 10, 2015

Debugging the debug process; homing in on UPF; sound digitization schemes; unit testing assertions; occupant aware homes; embedded system-level verification; the unexpected consequences of uninitialized variables; and glow-in-the-dark DDR4.

by Hamilton Carter – Senior Editor

Industry leaders discussed the leading challenges in debug analysis at DVCon 2015.  Issues discussed included choosing a portable methodology and making it easier for engineers to debug across multiple verification languages and technologies.

Learn all about the UPF Successive Refinement methodology, defined in the IEEE 1801-2009 standard, over at Mentor’s Verification Horizons.


The Successive Refinement Flow

If you’re curious about how sound is digitized and transmitted, here’s a nice introduction to pulse code modulation from Synopsys.

AMIQ continues their open source roll!  Check your SVA assertions before they check your design using svaunit.

Does your house adapt to your every need, or for that matter, does it even know what your needs are?  Perhaps the first step is for your house to realize you’re home.  The road to occupant-aware homes is being paved by low-energy beaconing technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and ZigBee. (Read more on Roman Budek’s NXP blog.)

Sure, you’ve verified your device, but what about verifying the applications and the associated RTOS that it will empower?  Mentor’s Colin Walls contemplates the issues involved.

Always initialize your variables! This variable tale of woe comes from the software side of Intel, but the same thing happens in hardware sim more often than you might think.  Also, folklore has it that the GNU compiler, (in debug mode at least), zeroes all the allocated data locations.  Does anyone know if there’s verifiable truth to this?

Finally, just in case your workstation wasn’t glow-y enough, Geil has announced its illuminated-heartbeat DDR4.

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