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IP Systems Blog Review – Monday March 9, 2015

UVM platform specifics and coding examples; ringing MOSFETs; the capture, care, and upkeep of young engineers; post-DVCon coverage, and building vs. Jaguar

by Hamilton Carter – Senior Editor

Moving from e to SystemVerilog?  Make sure to pay attention to the propagation order of post_randomize().

Analog Devices had a very nice post on preventing ringing in your low-cost super-sensitive MOSFET applications.

Get the inside scoop from Synopsys on how to integrate AXI VIP into a UVM testbench.  Nice code examples!

Check out Cadence’s efforts to procure the ‘youngest and brightest’ at Embedded World’s Student Day.

The five soft skills every engineer should have, (hint, none of them involve software).

Did you make it to DVCon this year?  Here are Harry Foster’s picks for the event.

Here’s the post DVCon rundown including winning papers, posters, and a significant increase in attendance.  Strangely, the link goes to a word document.  The original source of the link can be found at the DVCon news site.

This one hit home for me since our nanny broke her leg and has been out for two weeks:  Lisa DePew talks about the life-work balance at Intel.

Speaking of life-work balance, if you’re looking for a cool project to make with your kids, and you were a fan of Sesame Street back in the day, geekMom shows how to make your own Martian puppets!

Cadence was named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Forbes Magazine.

Mentor points out another reason simulations of all sorts are so important: “Angry Building Melts Car with Focused Sunlight Weapon.”  The story also serves as a reminder of the value of thinking out of the box, and brainstorming the metrics you collect.


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