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IP Systems Blog Review – Monday January 12, 2015

Engineering Resolutions; Vehicle Comm.; Chip-Level Security; UVM; Data Man. Report; Verifying Si; VCOs, Low-Power DDR4; IoT Regulations; Transformers.

By Hamilton Carter, Senior Editor

Analog Devices collected their engineers’ top ten resolutions for the new year. Most engineers would be happy to observe the first resolution.

Vehicle to vehicle communications may be deployed on motorcycles soon.  Pundits predict this technology will significantly reduce car—motorcycle collisions as car drivers will get a heads-up when a motorcycle is in the vicinity.  Admittedly, Harley’s have had this technology in the form of loud mufflers for years.

For a more in depth look at vehicle to vehicle communications, including the itinerate security concerns,check out this brief primer from Chris Poulin.

Riscure, a company that tries to break chip level security systems, published their analysis of Rambus’ “Crypto Firewall”.  The Rambus device is designed to prevent users from accessing unpaid content through set-top boxes.  Does anyone else remember when you could get unpaid cable by removing attenuators and adding filters?… ahhh… analog.

Mentor’s Raghu Ardeishar, and Rich Edelman, point out the pitfalls of parameterized classes and macros in UVM verification environments.

The new IC Manage Multi-Site Design Data Management Report is out!  Traceability is listed as the number one must-have feature.

MentorG_IPBlog_Fig-520x328Colin Walls continues to catalog his articles on embedded programming.  This month’s installment highlights passing parameters to C functions as well as a multitasking kernel primer.

Learn about the new Soundwire MIPI audio interface with Cadence’s Whiteboard Wednesdays Series.

Some chip projects are returning to verifying parts of the design in silicon as opposed to simulations.

Here’s a brief tutorial about modeling voltage controlled oscillators, (VCO)s using Cadence’s AMS simulator.

Cadence’s Kevin Yee predicts low power DDR4 will eclipse the performance of, and then the demand for plain old DDR4 by year’s end. “Going forward, there will be little or no premium for low power,” Yee said.

Paul Kocher predicts connected devices on the IoT may become tightly regulated if security concerns aren’t addressed soon

Dara O’Sullivan and Maurice Moroney from Analog Devices describe the different circuit isolator technologies and praise the advantages of the magnetic transformer isolator.  I wasn’t aware coils could be laid down in CMOS.  I’m using a similar structure albeit on much more macroscopic scale in my guise as a physics student.

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