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IP Systems Blog Review – Monday February 9, 2015

Water Heaters; Flying Functional Covergage; USB; Firmware IP; DeflateGate and engineering; Unicorns and Androids

by Hamilton Carter, Senior Editor

A fun read for the title if nothing else.  Get outside your area of expertise reading Mentor’s continuing series on the science of hot water heating.

If you’re headed to DVCon 2015, check out Richard Goering’s hot picks for verification and design engineers.

Amiq compares on the fly sequence generation to top-down generation. On-the-fly gets you to functional coverage closure quicker.

Read about USB 3.1 and Type-C enabled products introduced at CES 2015.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for great jokes!

Cyprian Wronka discusses Cadence’s firmware IP.  Even if you’re not using Cadence, it’s interesting to see what’s going on in the field of firmware IP.

ANSYS shares their simulation data and weighs in on the underflated Patriots football scandal.


Stanford’s Thomas Lee spoke about the history of the trans-Atlantic cable project at DesignCon2015.

Jama likens traceability to a unicorn quest.  This begs the question: If traceability is a unicorn, what represents the virgin?

We often report on the circuit design challenges presented by the IoT and mobile applications in general.  Intel’s most recently highlighted Android developer’s guide chapter looks at the problem of power conservation from the software side of things.


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