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IP Systems Blog Review – Monday February 16, 2015

Arduinos; software defined networks… and radios!; ARM/AMBA; TLS engines; embedded industrial automation; system-level power modelling; and collaborating more effectively

by Hamilton Carter – Senior Editor

If you like to play at your engineering, you should know a new version of the Arduino IDE has been released!

Interested in software defined networking—SDN? Check out this Xilinx enabled kickstarter.

ARM contributes to the security of the IoT with the newly rebranded, mbed TLS.  This is a result of their recent acquisition of PolarSSL.

SDR,(software defined radio), has been used by amateur radio enthusiasts, (see video below), for over a decade.  Industry is starting to look at the technology for commercial wireless applications.

Learn abut the ARM AMBA bus protocols with Cadence’s Avi Behar!  I’ve worked with Avi; he rocks at this stuff!

Mentor’s Colin Walls reminisces about the history of embedded industrial automation since the ‘70s.

Cadence’s Brian Fuller covers the system-level power modeling panel at DesignCon 2015.

Jama’s Katherine Gray discusses what it takes to make a collaborative environment useful… as opposed to loud.

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