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IP Systems Blog Review – Wednesday December 24, 2014

Blog Review 12/24/2014

by Hamilton Carter Technology Editor


Mentor’s Robin Bornoff begins a multi-part series on energy conservation through the responsible stewardship of hot water.


Catherine Bolgar covers recent predictions that the next industrial revolution will be spurred by doing more with fewer material resources.


Intel has added new cache monitoring technology to their Xenon class processors.  For the down-low on how it works and what you can accomplish with it, see this very complete software-visible interface description.


Rambus presents an interesting take on a hacker classic movie, the IMSAI 8080, and Moore’s law.


Now that e’s reflection interface is exposed, people are starting to make grand uses of it!  Tudor Timi shows how to use the API to avoid macros and redundantly flat vr_ad register definitions.


If you’ve tried to ignore SystemVerilog namespaces like a drunken uncle, at the family holiday party, there’s good news!  Here’s a primer that makes quick sense of them and gives you a workbench to play with at the EDA Playground.


The folks at sparkfun.com tore down a Microsoft Band revealing the Freescale Kinetis with ARM 32 bit Cortex M-4 within.


Rambus announces the release of the latest FIDO, (fast identity online), alliance specification.  The security protocol is a breakthrough in ‘elegant’ solution that can utilize second factor authentication.  Steve Wilson, Vice President and Principal Consultant at Constellation Research says, “FIDO specifications aren’t tangled up in messy identity policy decisions. It’s an elegant breakthrough, and, going forward, should drive a lot of the classic complexity out of the identity management (IdM) space”


Check out one terminus on the IoT highway: Smart Dust


Finally, there’s Astrobotic, the company proposing to take your mail to the moon!


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