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IoT Embedded Systems – Nov. 12, 2014

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Analog and Sensors; Hardware-Software Collision; IoT Granularity; Data Services; Software Copyrights, Business Needs; Verification; Crypto IP, IoT Review; Decoupling


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Analog, Sensors and Low Power Impacts the IoT

Analog, Sensors and Low Power Impacts the IoT

Here’s the “rest of the story” from Internet-of-Things experts at Freescale, Rambus and ARMon end-node challenges and favorite applications.


Hardware and Software Methodologies Challenge the IoT

Hardware and Software Methodologies Collide

Difficulties abound as both hardware and software designers are being pushed closer together to create the Internet-of-Things technologies.


The IoT offers Granular Monitoring and Control

By Stephan Ohr, Research Director, IoT and Power Semiconductors, Gartner Inc. If it does nothing else, the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable new granularity to the devices and processes used for environmental monitoring and control. We can debate …


Data Service Exchange Key to IoT

Connectivity enables cloud and data services – such as WOT.IO – that make IoT technology different from its predecessors.


Software Copyrights in Crisis

By Jonathan T. Kaplan, Esq.

High courts wrestle with limits of copyright, as a protection for software. Software has been in the legal IP spotlight for the past several years, both with respect to patents and copyrights.  The dividing line between patents and copyrights.

Software Copyrights in Crisis

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Requirements

By Eric Nguyen, Director of Business Intelligence at Jama Software.

Successful IoT embedded product delivery faces challenging move toward customer-centric development processes lead by software innovation.

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Requirements for Faster Delivery


Hardware and Software Requirements Driven Verification Perspectives

Embedded engineers and managers from these two different disciplines are being forced into closer interactions to meet IoT cost and time constraints.

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Squeezing Crypto IP into Tight Spaces

Like Aladdin lamp, securing the IOT and wearable devices requires a big punch in a little space. Though limited in computing power, microcontrollers (µCs) continue to play a major role in the Internet of Things (IoT). But some jobs …

Squeezing Crypto IP into Tight Spaces


IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, Nov. 10, 2014

IoT Hype; Growth Patters; Developers Needed; Tiered Apps; Social Justice; UX for IoT; In-Vehicle; Healthcare; Software Approaches

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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday Nov. 3, 2014

Wearable WOW; Powering sensors, Qualcomm standards; Congressional IoT; Identity management; Future smart; M2M; User experience missing.

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IoT Success Depends upon Decoupling

Avoiding M2M pitfalls will require an open, internet-based approach that decouples IoT devices from services. But what role will standards play? Part I of this interview, Zach Shelby, business development guru at ARM, discussed ways that the IoT developers could avoid the pitfalls of the M2M market; the key role played by start-ups in the IoT; and …

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