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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of September 7, 2015

IBM & ARM in arm, IoT in Manufacturing, NFL Sensored, Contextual Security, IoT Insecurity, Platform v Products, MobileNode, CVSS & IoT, Parse SDK

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Tech Times’ Horia Ungureanu brings news that IBM Teams Up With ARM To Develop Deeper Internet Of Things Integration. ARM is integrating IBM’s cloud into the core of the mBed system. As a result, users that have ARM chips in their devices can access IBM’s BlueMix cloud for storage and analysis of the data.

How the IoT will transform manufacturing … the products of the future will impact not just factories but all aspects of business – post by Dirk Slama on the O’Reilly Radar. This article is chock-full of info and insights that include the Factory of the Future. It hits hot buttons such as: 3D printing, next-gen robots, intelligent power tools, high-precision indoor localization, and on. p.s.  If you are attending ‘Solid Amsterdam’ on Oct 28, Dick Slama is giving what looks to be a very interesting IoT presentation.

Touchdown?  The Internet of Things comes to the NFL, we read from CIO’s Thor Olavsrud. Every NFL player and stadium will be equipped with RFID sensors and receivers, respectively.  Football seasonSays Matt Swensson, senior director of Emerging Products and Technology at the NFL, “the league has been very interested in trying to broaden and bring new statistics to the fans. Along the way, there’s been more realization about how the data can be leveraged to make workflow more efficient around the game.” 

ABAC not RBAC: Welcome to the (IoT) World of Contextual Security, a great post from Lori Macvittie on F5Blog.  She writes, “and now, given the increasing number of ‘things’ that will be communicating with apps across the globe, the need to provide “things” with access to apps is existential”.

This post stopped me in my tracks, and comes from Graham Templeton on ExtremeTech: Our insecure Internet of Things is becoming terrifying. People rightly freaked when they found out that the newest version of Kinect was planned to be always on, watching them with its incredibly high-fidelity sensors. Now, personal helper robots like Jibo, which are designed to do nothing but watch and listen for important information, are a hotly anticipated item.

From Forbes’ contributor, Adrian Bridgwater, “The Internet of Things Race – Platform vs. Products”.  What does matter is the degree to which we recognize just how much the Internet of Things (IoT) platform-level technologies matter.

Image credit: Samsung

Image credit: Samsung

Atmel staff posting via Bits & Pieces looks at ‘MobileNode is a circular board for the IoT’, an open source, Arduino-compatible GSM/GPRS and GPS/GLONASS board. The board is capable of monitoring air pollution, reducing energy consumption, collecting real-time food data, and controlling food production machines. There are even four holes for M1.2 or M1.4 screws, making it possible to … take a closer look.



On SEI from Dan Klinedinst, he talks real-world examples and goes much deeper about: ‘CVSS and the Internet of Things’. Check out how he responds to, “But we’ve never seen a case of someone exploiting a vulnerability like this in the wild to kill someone.”

Parse for IoT expands its SDK lineup, posted by Artie Beavis in Internet of Things via the ARM Connected Community. Parse is expanding their lineup with four new SDKs built with Atmel, Broadcom, Intel and TI making it easier to use Parse with more types of hardware and a broader range of connected devices (you can build an app for the Atmel | SMART SAM D21and WINC1500 — and connect it to the Parse cloud in minutes, with nothing more than a few lines of code.)

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