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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of October 5, 2015

Amazon BIG IoT, SanDisk Tougher, Sophos Worries, MediaTek / Home-Kit, Infosys+GE, Pentagon Analogs, CENTRI Security, New Alizem Interface, $19 Trillion Gamble

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Amazon sets sights on massive Internet of Things opportunity with new cloud offering, news from Barb Darrow and Stacey Higginbotham on Fortune. Amazon plans to announce a cloud-based service for the Internet of things this week at its AWS Re:Invent trade show.

Designed to work harder, last longer and withstand harsh conditions – ‘SanDisk builds tougher flash storage for IoT devices’, blogs Stephen Lawson on PCWorld. FYI: the SanDisk Industrial XT SD Cards and XT iNAND embedded flash drives just announced this week are rated to work in temps as low as -40 degrees Celsius (-40 Fahrenheit), compared with -25 Celsius for a typical consumer SD card.  That’s hot!

Credit: SanDisk

Credit: SanDisk

Sophos: Why We Lack the ‘Tools’ to Secure the Internet of Things, Meghan Ottolini posts on CRN. When asked whether anyone has the tools necessary to protect the burgeoning world of the Internet of Things, Sophos head of security research James Lynes said the “sheer pace of change” has prevented that from being possible. “The use cases that we’re coming up with are leading us to new security and privacy problems that we just haven’t seen before.” Do we know where to go from here? Find out more from Mr. Lynes.

MediaTek Joins Apple’s IoT with new SDKs for IoT-ready HomeKit Framework, on Softpedia. With the help of HomeKit, a user can control HomeKit-enabled devices in his home using voice commands and Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. This is the second sign that Apple is really getting serious about the IoT, after their recent acquisition of Cambridge-based VocalIQ AI company — it gets Apple a new machine-learning-based conversational voice-dialog technology to improve the control interface with IoT device. More  MediaTek/Apple news: HERE

Firstpost.com staff on: ‘Infosys, GE partner to develop solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things’ with Infosys announcement it will create new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which will help derive practical benefits from massive amounts of data generated through connected devices in the industrial enterprise.

Pentagon takes an analog approach to securing the Internet of Things, from Kevin McCaney on DefenseSystems.com. He writes, “as DARPA points out, if the security is incorporated with the embedded system’s software, then a successful hack would gain control of both. Under DARPA’s plan, the LADS devices would still be able to raise the red flag if an intruder broke in.” DARPA said this first …. (you’ll want to catch this news)

CENTRI Releases Cybersecurity Solution for the Internet of Things, via PR Newswire – they also join Intel IoT Solutions Alliance to offer security solutions for the partner ecosystem. CENTRI announced BitSmart™, a smart alternative to complex and impractical use of legacy VPN solutions to secure IoT devices.  BitSmart, we read, can be used in several IoT scenarios on various platforms, chipsets and devices, i.e. in Energy, Industrial, Transportation industries.

Design&Reuse posts: Alizem releases its new IoT software interface. “So many people believe the IoT is only about sensors. This is an unbelievably powerful tool for anyone building an electromechanical device. The Alizem IoT software interface lets you tap into the treasure trove of intelligence trapped inside …” from Jamie Bailey, CEO at Initial State.  Take a moment for the read.

Forbes’ contributor, Theo Priestley brings forward points on ‘The Internet of Things is a Fragmented $19 Trillion Roulette Gamble’ – that’s an epic bet, I’d say. Forget the numbers you see quoted on every slide deck at a conference because these are meaningless when you analyze just how fragmented this market seems to be. So I’m going to serve you up a new set of numbers. Find out about the 6 vendors controlling the outcome of the IoT.

If you were going to an IoT-themed Halloween party this year, just imagine what would your costume might look like?!? 


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