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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of October 19, 2015

Teradata Gears Up, New IoT, What’s Driving IP, IoT California, 5 New Networking Rqmts., Allseen & Open Interconnect at CES, Virtual Reality Gets Real, Legrand & Nest, IoT Energy Market, Japan’s 020

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Will this be crucial to your IoT work? Teradata gears up for Internet of Things analytics, posted by Thor Olavsrud on CIO. Gerhard Kress, director, Analytical Services, Siemens Mobility Division, said in a statement today, “we subject the data to a variety of analytics to discover hidden patterns in order to ensure optimal equipment performance. Our partnership with Teradata has helped us predict the leading indicators more on this

Check this out: Joe Biron on what’s new about the IoT, coming from Jon Bruner on the O’Reilly Radar this past week. Click and read this insightful article for the burning question – but the answer, says Joe, is that where the machine-to-machine (M2M) model is stovepiped and specialized, the IoT entails a platform approach. Machines on the IoT are abstracted, which makes decentralized application development possible.


Cadence’ Christine Young posts a bird’s eye view Q&A: John Lupienski on How Mobile and IoT Designs are Driving IP Requirements – these, driving most of the IP requirements, and they’re actually driving process technology. Read why John says, “not only are you seeing process technologies changing, but also protocols are changing. From an IP point of view, it’s definitely a revolution”.

Scott Levine’s post on The Motley Fool – Is California’s Latest Move the Next Opportunity for the Internet of Things? He even touches on ‘What Tim Cook Didn’t Tell You’, find out more and especially the wrap up on a small company that’s powering their brand-new gadgets and the coming revolution in technology. Gotta love the fool

Envoy-S Gateway Source: Enphase

Envoy-S Gateway
Source: Enphase

5 New Networking Requirements Driven by Internet of Things and Big Data, shared by Bob Noel on B2C. This touches on agility, scalability, integration, and the last two … take a look.

Not necessarily the sharks and jets (FYI: West Side Story), but we read about two groups |trying to define the IoT| that are heading to Las Vegas in January — showcasing products certified by the AllSeen Alliance and the Open Interconnect Consortium. Catch Stephen Lawson’s blog on PCWorld: Internet of Things standards groups get ready to rumble at CES  The fight for interoperability could make or break IoT in many homes”, said IDC analyst Michael Palma. “Consumers will adopt devices gradually and expect them all to work together. The first time one doesn’t, they may stop bothering.”

A slight detour off our usual ‘connected’ blogs, this on: ‘How virtual reality can make the real world a better place’, from Helen Papagiannis on the O’Reilly Radar.  VR is not all about escapism. The technology is also being used to create simulations that help people confront conditions like phobias and PTSD. VR provides a safe, controlled environment for exposure therapy in which …. Read more

Legrand Announced it is Working with Nest Inc and will be Using the Nest Weave Communication Protocol in its Connected Products, via PRNewswire. Convinced that interoperability is an essential condition for further roll-out of the Internet of Things in buildings , Legrand intends to promote “open languages”, capable of integrating and communicating with as many third-party systems as possible.

PR: Internet of Things in Energy Market by Systems & Solutions, by Application, by Services & by Regions – Global Forecast to 2020 – ReportLinker Review || Advancement in next generation sensors also acts a driving factor in the IoT in Energy market. However, lack of skilled labors is a major growth restraint faced by the energy industry.

Japan to allot 020 as prefix for networked ‘Internet of things’ devices – The Japan Times reports. A communications ministry panel will solicit public comments on its idea for assigning 020 as the new prefix for mobile numbers allotted to wireless devices expected to be part of the “Internet of things” network.   020 may be the new “212”

To those who celebrate ~ I wish you a safe, Happy Halloween and a fond adieu…

Source: Kinsman Library

Source: Kinsman Library

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