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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of May 4, 2015

Marvell ZigBee, Windows 10 IoT Core, Jabil & Intel, IoT/idiot, Power Floor, Glassbeam with ThingWorx, Twitter, IoT Invest Sense

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Marvell Unveils ZigBee MCU SoC to Advance Smart Home and IoT Innovations, SensorsOnLine post. We read together with its support for open standards, the 88MZ300 SoC enables OEMs to rapidly bring new, innovative IoT applications to market.

Brian Jepson MAKE blog: “Tips and Tricks: Using Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2”. Windows 10 IoT Core apps are based on the same Universal App Platform that powers apps on phones, tablets, PCs, Hololens, and other Windows-10 powered devices. Microsoft’s Terry Myerson announced their intention to bring the Windows 10 app platform to 1 billion devices by next year. Getting Windows on Raspberry Pi 2 is a big step toward making that real.

Jabil and Intel Collaborate on Blue Sky Center for IoT Innovation in Silicon Valley, per David McKinney’s Iot@Intel blog. Jabil Blue Sky Center (opened Apr 30) is a $16 billion, 200,000-person design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions provider creating a product realization center. It features the world’s biggest touch-based explorer wall, a mock hospital room for Healthcare ideation and prototyping, a process innovation and automation lab, and other areas to help customers’ dreams come to life: from conceptualization, to design engineering, industrialization, manufacturing, delivery, end-to-end supply chain visibility and management.

Joanne Moretti, Jabil

Joanne Moretti, Jabil

Thomas Ricker on The Verge perhaps aptly notes, “First Click: you can’t spell ‘idiot’ without IoT (Internet of Things). Case in point we read – you might have an issue when you’ve (Instagram’d) about a recent purchase and get a reply: “Good luck – one of the worst buys I’ve ever made”. Which prompted ‘now I know he’s right – I’m an idiot’.   Read what that conversation is really about…

Insights into why this panelist says, “It’s important to understand the techniques that the apps processor guys use are very advanced. I am afraid that a lot of what they’re doing is out of reach of the vast majority of most design teams,” stated Bernard Murphy, CTO with Atrenta. “I don’t really see it being scalable, especially to IoT devices.” Cadence post by Brian Fuller -“EDPS 2015: Have We Hit the Power Floor?

Companies (Glassbeam and ThingWorx) team up to create powerful Internet of Things solution, comes from Ian Barker on betanews just this morning. Check out the solution that’s already been selected by medical device company VytronUS to collect and analyze machine data from its systems. 

Image credit: IoT betanews

Image credit: IoT betanews

Living in 140 characters or less … ‘Here’s How Twitter Can Connect Us to the Internet of Things’, Forbes post from Michael Wolf.  He writes that Twitter, “the real-time social king, has yet to crystalize a cohesive strategy for what many see as the next big wave in technology innovation. Does it matter? After all, isn’t social media about people, not things? Well, it does matter” and he explains. Tweet, tweet.

Are you a fan of The Motley Fool’s take from Daniel B. Kline with his post on: The Best Way to Invest Money in the Internet of Things? At the very end of article, we’re told Daniel Kline owns shares of Apple and Microsoft and is hoping he can someday exchange text messages with his coffeemaker. The Motley Fool recommends Apple, Google (A shares), and Google (C shares). The Motley Fool owns shares of Apple, Google (A shares), and Google (C shares).

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