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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of May 25, 2015

SOLA IoT in Space, IoPeople, Google Got Brillo, Huawei LiteOS, Tap to Pay, China 3 Telecoms Compete, Dow/PepsiCo IIoT, WellAware & On-Ramp

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Caught this via LinkedIn: SOLA and IoT within the Internet of Space, from Allan Bradley, founder of Consulmetrix. SOLA makes YOU in command of IoT. It allows YOU to map your needs, transactions, programs and access data by your own pre-conditional mapping. It is the first step to truly smart buildings and augmented intelligence whereby the new IoS Eco-digital reality is yours and not an allowance.

Love this title: Forget the internet of things – we need an internet of people, so says Jenny Judge and Julia Powles on the guardian. Begging the question, are we all okay with everyday household objects being turned into enemy spies, placing us under constant surveillance? Will we be nudged and manipulated at every moment and have our lives (and possessions) perpetually exposed to hackers? Read their point(s) of view…

Centre Georges Pompidou  Photograph: Allan Baxter/Getty Images

Centre Georges Pompidou
Photograph: Allan Baxter/_Getty Images

You had me at Hello, Brillo: Google Developing New OS For Internet of Things from Christian de Looper blog on TechTimes. “Brillo,” is essentially a lightweight version of Android designed specifically for low power devices with only 32 or 64MB of RAM. Go Google!

TECHAERIS’ Jason Bouwmeester posts: Huawei Launches LiteOS, Their Agile IoT Solitions; LiteOS Responds. “Huawei believes that standardizing ICT infrastructure will foster the development of Internet applications, including IoT applications. To address this, Huawei is launching our IoT OS, LiteOS,” said Mr. William Xu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer.

Chuck Martin with MediaPost clicks away with ‘The Internet of Things: Wearable Payments a Tap Away”. Much more to this article you’ve got to read. “The idea was ‘what if we could actually take the fact that we already have something on your body and that was your payment?’ It could be just as simple as tapping to pay.” (We were quietly hoping to be beamed up with just a tap, but then again, making a payment is slick too.)

Tough competition ahead as China’s Big Three telecoms operators eye red-hot internet of things, from George Chen on the South China Morning Post. Liu Chunyang, GM in charge of online platforms and corporate partnership at China Mobile IOT Company, said China Mobile would have major advantages to succeed against its domestic rivals – China Unicom and China Telecom.  Must. Watch. This. Unfold.

Steve Banker at Logistics Viewpoints brings us ‘Using IT as a Competitive Weapon: Dow Chemical, PepsiCo, and the Internet of Things. …companies interested in exploring whether IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is a worthwhile investment have three different paths they can go down:  wait for new IIoT applications to prove itself, build a technology incubation center to explore these technologies incrementally, or go all in and make IIoT a core strategic initiative.

In the oil and gas arena, we read from San Antonio Business Journal’s Tony Quesada the news on “WellAware teams with Internet of Things Technology company (On-Ramp) on oilfield data monitoring network. On-Ramp’s RPMA technology is designed to provide low-power, wide-area connectivity and secure, two-way communications in a challenging environment – WellAware’s apps are meant to collect, manage and analyze.

 WellAware Co-founder and CEO Matt Harrison

WellAware Co-founder and CEO Matt Harrison


In closing, a personal Memorial Day tribute, we are the “Land of the Free – Thanks to the Brave”.

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