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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of May 11, 2015

SAP HANA Cloud, Device or Service Focused, IoT Soldiers, CRM is Back, Steps to Launch, Different Retirement, Samsung New Processors, Eurotech with Intel Dev

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

SAP reveals HANA Cloud for Internet of Things, posted on Business Cloud News – get a few details about the private cloud service, based on its in-memory compute platform HANA that will provide the foundation for its IoT application services – analytics, telematics, its connected car services and manufacturing offerings.

Credit: BCM SAP Hana Cloud

Credit: BCM SAP Hana Cloud

Dan McAloon @BigDataExpo blog brings ‘IoT: Device-Focused or Service-Focused?’ Dan talks on: the concept of “The Internet of Things” has always been about vast, heterogeneous networks of small, limited-purpose devices. However, there is a growing need to further differentiate IoT into the two delivery models.

Well, yes – ‘Future Soldiers could be part of the Internet of Things’, in an interesting post from DefenseSystems’ Kevin McCaney.

Credit: Defense Systems

Credit: Defense Systems

Ultimately, Thomas Greco said, “combining sensors in humans with a network of other sensors could help eliminate ambiguity in the battlefield, providing “precision in knowing the Internet of Things,” and better protecting soldiers and their tactical networks.” Mr. Greco is director of intelligence for the Army Training and Doctrine Command.


Near and dear to many (of our own) hearts, this on “A New Frontier for CRM: The Internet of Things” from Frank Palermo via CMS Wire. We read Customer Relationship Management (thought to be dead?) is getting a lifeline from the IoT. This we would have to believe, “CRM solutions are now evolving to take customer service to the next level — enabling enterprises to better understand …” Nikon White Paper, and more. Indeed!

Tom Van Nu on Atmel does a turn going from dumb to smart (things) in: ‘10(+1) invaluable steps to launching your next IoT product’…This is the hunt to seize some segment of the multi-trillion dollar growth reported to gain from the IoT, enabling embedded system connectivity coupled with the ecosystem value-add of a product or service.

Here’s a subject not often at the media forefront in ‘How the Internet of Things will Transform Retirement’ posted on the WSJ from Joseph Coughlin, MIT AgeLab Director. Give this a read even if retirement is far, far away in a galaxy …

Always a step ahead, this from Martin Blanc about: Samsung Group Readies New Processors to Power the Internet of Things, on Bidness-Etc site. The South Korean giant will rely on its small chips and prior $100 million investments to create a viable ecosystem to interconnect all our devices into one space.  Read why this move will serve to accelerate its foothold in the chip industry against Qualcomm, Intel, and AMD.  AKA #fiercecompetition

WinBeta’s Philip Vasta reveals some silly examples, he says but rightfully so – they illustrate a point: the Internet of Things is real, and it’s the next step in our constantly connected lives. Post: “Here’s proof that Microsoft is embracing the Internet of Things #idevthis

It’s a rah-rah but with serious value – catch this write-up on ‘Eurotech and Intel Simplify IoT for Developers’ blogged about the Power of Teamwork on IoT@Intel by David McKinney. They tell us Eurotech’s Everyware Device Cloud and Everyware Software Framework provide an industry-neutral platform for building complex, global IoT networks that makes it easier for subject-matter experts to create value-added services. What do you think?

In a personal nod for Mother’s Day with thanks to J.K. Simmons, “If I may, call your mom ~ if you’re lucky enough to have parents or two alive on this planet… don’t text, don’t email.” 

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