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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Mar 9, 2015

ARM at Emb. World, Keywell Tackles GE, IoT Biz Boost, Top 3 Impacted, Internet2 New Boss, Baking-in Security, IoT in Sports, Easy Hack, HCL&Tele2, Ecosystem, Prototyping

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

A nice recap of Embedded World (and conference spotlight) – More than the Internet of Things blog from Phil Burr at ARM. Though he may have some bias, this is a decent snapshot with a few videos on ARM partners driving up the product roll-outs.

Profile on Brad Keywell (a gentlemen with two seemingly opposing modes: borderline hyperactive and deeply reflective) comes from Fortune’s Michal Lev-Ram in ‘The Race to the Internet of Things’. Here’s the pitch: can his new start-up really beat GE to a $19 trillion dollar finish line? Everybody loves a good race, right – ah, if I were a betting lady…

Brad Keywell

Brad Keywell

Read this take from Emerson Electrics’ SVP, Charles Peter in How the Internet of Things Can Help Your Business. Captured on InvestCorrectly from Viraj Shah, Peters’ story talks about the potential to disrupt anyone’s business and the best thing was to start preparing to meet the changes and to deal with information compared to physical goods. He shares a few hard truths.

Healthcare – Automotive – Government/Public Safety // check out ‘How Will the Internet of Things Transform These Three Industries? According to IBM Cloud Software Architect, Ahmed Farrag on ForbesBrandVoice. Read – this is where the IoT could have the most immediate affects.

image credit Forbes

image credit Forbes

New Boss – IBM Internet2 SVP and CIO, Florence Hudson (yes, I almost typed Henderson for those Gen X’rs that might understand the reference) to spearhead innovation. Thanks for the news and more, Bob Brown on NETWORKWORLD.

Article “Opinion: Fortifying the IoT Means Baking in Security at the Beginning” out of the fingers of contributors Michael Papay, Frank Cilluffo, and Sharon Cardash on the CSM. Making security a priority at the start, instead of coming up with patches later, is the key to ensuring the growing number of connect gadgets remain safe (Amen to that).

Get this – The IoT is Revolutionishing the World of Sport. Stephan Pritchard at The Guardian writes that data is not just changing the way matches are played, it’s also shaking up the way in which fans experience the sport at home and in the stadium. Cheers may take on new meaning!

Image credit_Kieran McManusBPI_REX

Image credit_Kieran McManusBPI_REX

Ugh – “Immature IoT Hackable with Primitive Methods” via E&T magazine blogger Tereza Pultarova. Speaking at Mobile World Congress, James Lyne, Global Head of Security at Sophos, showed how to gain access to Internet-connected CCTV cameras using a simple brute force attack that came out of fashion in the computer world over a decade ago. Read more and why he says “ … a possible attacker doesn’t need to possess any advanced digital skills”.

New Partners Announced: IT services company HCL Technologies and European telecom operator Tele2 have entered into a partnership to address the market opportunities for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in Europe, from IANS on India.com-BGR.

Pramod Dige at WhaTech target report: Discover the Internet of Things Ecosystem Big Evolution: ARM, Broadcom, CISCO, Freescale, Google, Intel, McAfee, Oracle, PTC, Qualcomm, Samsung

Looks like the cool factor (built-it-in-the-garage) but far better blogger at WIRED, Margaret Rhodes gives us ‘A Gadget for Prototyping the Internet of Things’ – talk about getting the green light.

Make it a great week!

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