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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Mar 30, 2015

30 Top IoT Experts, Code Design, Industrial IoT, Retail Solutions, Always Alert, Waygum, Fujitsu Labs, Economic Disruption, Sierra Wireless vs. Skyworks, Classroom IoT

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

This is an awesome post, we think… “The Top 30 Internet of Things Experts” from John Rampton on Inc. He gives us a look (in a nicely done roadmap plus some Honorable Mentions) at the leading IoT voices and location-based technologies, and shares 3 key insights you don’t want to miss.

Image_Getty images

Image_Getty images

Dependable from O’Reilly Radar’s Mary Treseler in last weeks’ post that “Design’s role is to bridge context gaps”. Mary talks with Andrew Hinton, an information architect at The Understanding, about the information architecture’s role in the context of the IoT, the complexities of context, and the highly-debated “everyone should learn to code” argument.

A social buddy from Intel, David McKinney, is “Tackling Information Overload in Industrial IoT Environments” – all about doing more with the data in higher profitability, improved supply chain management, and so forth. Check this one out.

…and one more blog from David (with guest, Panasonic’s Mario Carrillo) on: Intel IoT Retail Solutions Power Secure Payments about the future of retail with mobile power, meeting consumer needs, standards for flexibility, more.

MarioCarrillo with Panasonic

Mario Carrillo with Panasonic

Richard Goering, Cadence article “Designing ‘Always Alert’ Devices for the Internet of Things” brings perspective via recent interview with Chris Rowan, CTO of the Cadence IP Group showing layers and challenges details, building an Always Alert Sensor Node and a lot more. Very informative…

A focus on enabling mobile devices controlling hard-to-reach machines, Waygum Raises $1.5M to Mobilize the Industrial Internet of Things, Deborah Gage writes in The Motley Fool. “Industrial automation isn’t new, but the technology building blocks that are emerging to handle it are new”, Sundar Krish, their CEO states, “with software frameworks and open-source technologies that will be easier for developers to use”.

Fujitsu Labs unveil flexible, thin, solar-power IoT Beacon, based on a Bluetooth Low Energy Module, out of the mouths of Techworld staff. Fujitsu said its continuing tests of the beacon and plans to make it ready for commercialization in 2017. More elsewhere – Earlier this week, Panasonic’s North American arm said it would provide royalty-free access to some IoT software and patents from its products.

Fujitsu IoT solar powered beacon

Fujitsu IoT solar powered beacon

Naysayer or truth-teller? Joe McKendrick over at Forbes “Why the Internet of Things Heralds the Next Great Economic Distrupton”. See who talks this … ‘We are seeing the emergence of three internets. We need to rethink how we manage, power and move economic activity.”

Talking stock or taking stock?  Here’s a quickie about “Sierra Wireless vs. Skyworks Solutions: Which is the Better Internet of Things Stock?” on The Motley Fool where Chris Neiger seems to lay it on the line.

Back to basics, where things go in “Connecting the Classroom with the Internet of Things” on edSurge by Max Meyers. The crux of schooling coming generations would be first and foremost – to effectively incorporate this next iteration of technological advances, whereby education providers will have to work through complex issues such as privacy, digital literacy, and technology infrastructure. This is a new learning curve, indeed!



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