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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Mar 23, 2015

Healthcare IoT Lesson, No More Search, UK Funds Initiatives, Driverless Cars, Microsoft Azure, Networking Fears, Smart Wallet, Scriptr, Cisco Down Under, Harmful Wearables, Actility & Swisscom

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

To the point in “What the IoT can Learn from the Healthcare Industry”, thanks to Adrian Gropper and Andy Oram’s blog on the O’Reilly Radar this past week. Read why one could think of identity federation via OpenID Connect as promoting cybersecurity.

Internet of Things Means Never Having to Search Again (as long as it’s not about ever having to say you’re sorry — oops, sorry). Jenny Lee, Hans Tung blog on Fortune about the future being one where the only reason we’ll Google is to see their latest doodle. Catch their thoughts and see if you agree.

Photo by Tobias Schwarz_AFP-Getty Images

Photo by Tobias Schwarz_AFP-Getty Images

The Guardian, Samuel Gibbs gives us “Budget 2015: Osborne pins UK’s digital future on internet of things” about Britain’s tech industry budget funding boost for initiatives. This news was mostly welcomed but saw some caution about the development of interconnected devices.

More on the UK (takes me back to a few movie scenes from Total Recall) with TechCrunch Natasha Lomas on: “UK Gov’t Aims Cash at Driverless Cars, IoT and Digital Currencies

TechCrunch Driverless Car

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO – speaks on MS Beefing Up Azure for the IoT. Nadella depicted a future with “26 billion general purpose compute devices” by 2019 that would produce “something like 44 zettabytes of data that’s going to be in the cloud.” Thank you, Kurt Mackie, GCN for this news.

Here’s a fun* thought on the IoT – “Have we been Sleepwalking into a Networked Nightmare? How soon before we are living a new life? One in which cars do drive themselves, and the lights on your street will turn on when they detect you, as a resident, are in the area – via a chip in your arm or…. (don’t miss this quick blog on Deutsche Welle.)

Stylish and cool, “Woolet is a Smart Wallet that you can’t Lose”. This, from the Atmel staff, on the Bluetooth-enabled wallet that keeps your cash and cards safe.

InfoWorld’s Paul Krill goes on about the new company / engine ‘Scriptr: Write your IoT in JavaScript’, the platform that addresses challenges of IoT device processing and memory constraints. “Everything you create under scriptr becomes a secure Web services API,” says Scriptr CEO Rabih Nassar.

Going down under we read about “Cisco to open IoT innovation centre in Australia” this year, as told by this Business Cloud News post (one of eight centers planned globally).

From my neck of the woods, Portland Business Journal’s Andy Giegerich talks about “As Oregon explores Internet of Things, could some wearables be harmful?” The jury will be out for a long time on this strain of thought, we think.

Actility announces tech partnership with Swisscom for LoRaWan-based IoT Services, from Anita Podsiadlo post on m2mnow. The favorable match looks to leverage both companies’ expertise with the collaboration building on the Thingpark IoT enabler platform designed for Smart City and/or Smart Building sensor connectivity.

*Disclaimer: This review blog may contain what might be considered a bad pun (or two or three) from time to time. Please be advised said puns are not reflective of the real and actual contributions provided in the blogs/articles. In actuality, we extend our deep appreciation to the writers of which we share (their posts) via our review channel herein.

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