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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Mar 2, 2015

IoT follows Instructions, Atmel+Bosch Product Launch, Benefit from IoT, Deconstructing the IoT, MEMS to IoT, Job is Safe, M2M Wireless, Urban Design, Marketing IoT, Chemical Industry

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

An Internet of Things That Do What They’re Told, comes out of Cory’s (Doctorow) mouth on the O’Reilly Radar – we need to talk about what “security” is from the perspective of a mobile device user: it’s a whole basket of risks …” to say the least.

Just rolled out at Embedded World 2015: Atmel launched new extension board for the Xplained platform with Bosch intelligent sensor. Check out how it’s ideal for prototyping projects for the IoT, wearables and gaming markets; apps such as personal health and fitness, indoor navigation and others requiring context awareness and augmented reality for a more immersive experience.

Here’s How Companies Benefit from the Internet of Things – in 3 Chartsthe always helpful Chris Neiger at The Motley Fool kicks off the article speaking about a recent Accenture survey with the main benefits coming up as: employee productivity, asset optimization and one more….

Arduino blogger Zoe Romano shares: Deconstructing IoT – this is a Tom Igoe (Arduino co-founder) Temboo Video Interview.

Richard Goering Cadence blog (and webinar – past 2 – to view at your leisure) “Smart Sensor Design Links MEMS to IoT”. See how to create and add a MEMS accelerometer to monitor vibrations in pipes. The webinar reviews ARM, Cadence, and Coventor methodologies for designing multi-sensor solutions.

This IS good news, and we all love good news, right ?!? – The Internet of Things Won’t Eat Your Job from Alex Verkhivker on e21.

M2M Now magazine posts on ‘Developing a competent M2M wireless network option for multiple applications and markets’. This is a decent Q&A between Brian Ray, CEO of Link Labs and Beecham Research’s Saverio Romeo. Savvy stuff:

image: M2M magazine, Link Labs

image: M2M magazine, Link Labs

Sounds ominous with How the Internet of Things is Affecting Urban Design, in other words – as Stephanie Walden gives us her shout out via Mashable, the Internet of Things is coming to a city near you. Sounds like this could be the forever kind of thing that once it arrives, it is (t)here to stay!

On the spin cycle, here we have Mashables’ Lindsay Rothfeld “With the Internet of Things, Brands can take Marketing to the Next Level”. “It’s weird to have access to this data, but it starts opening up all these marketing opportunities. And when what brands have to work with is data, it opens up new kinds of partnerships that didn’t exist before. Forget “Big Brother”. This is the age of “Big Brand.” Indeed.

At some point one wonders, what won’t be touched by the IoT? On Manufacturing Business Technology, Stefan Guertzgen writes about The Internet of Things: What It Means for the Chemicals Industry. A few ways chemical companies are capturing data, using it to make business decisions: predictive maintenance, operational intelligence, quality assurance, smart products and connected logistics, new business models. There’s more … give it a read.

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