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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Mar 16, 2015

Mass Market Lessons, Apple Watch, GSF India Startups, Mobile Carriers Metrics, Arduino Apps, Amazon Acquisition, Juniper Networks Strategy, ARM/BBC Initiative, NexGen Data Center, Microchip Wireless Tech

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

There’s something about Mary Treseler and that’s her latest blog on: From Innovation to mass market: Lessons for the IoT. This is a little pot of gold, i.e. an excerpt by Claire Rowland from upcoming book ‘Designing Connected Products’.  Read more on O’Reilly Radar, download a free copy.

Well, we couldn’t just lead with the Apple Watch like everyone else did this week.  ZDNet post by Larry Dignan for Between the Lines delivers a look at the hottest wearable: Apple Watch – It’s an Internet of Things Play’. Larry goes on about the real win may be Apple’s various platforms for the car, health and commerce.  Yes, I want one – now where’s my wish list…



TechCrunch’ Jon Russell brings a compelling look at GSF India-The Hunt IoT Start-ups, the Bangalore-headquartered accelerator program and angel investment firm broadening its scope to cover young startups in India’s IoT space.

Will mobile carriers bend their metrics for the IoT? Stacey Higginbotham via Fortune talks about some cool new products just coming to market. She certainly seems to have her fingers on the industry pulse. Catch her view on what’s up, and perhaps some bending (of the rules?).

Yours here, ‘Build Arduino-based IoT Apps with Temboo Conditions Features, from Zoe Ramano posted on Arduino. Now, the functionality of Temboo’s Device Coder has been extended to all 2000+ Choreos in the Temboo Library, meaning that data collected from sensors attached to …

Image: conditions Temboo Arduino

Image: conditions Temboo Arduino

Amazon never holds back (at least not yet, anyway)…read about Amazon new acquisition that focuses on ‘Internet of Things’ as posted on pymnts.com. Amazon acquired 2lemetry, a Denver-based startup focused on software to manage smart networked devices and the IoT. Go big or go home, as they say.

And Rachel King, Between the Lines on ZDNet brings news: Juniper Networks Lines up IoT Strategy for Data Centers. She blogs, “with that deluge of data in mind, Juniper unveiled a bevy of new switches and firewall services on top of a new converged architecture to jump in and connect the Internet of Things world from the backend.”

ARM and the BBC Collaborate on a New Initiative, by Gary Atkinson via the ARM Connected Community. Catch why ARM is most excited about is the Microbit project that will build on the success of the original “BBC Micro” idea and take it even further.

With the introduction of hybrid environments and containers we stand literally, on the edge of a new cloud“, so writes Cole Crawford, Open Compute in “The Next Gen Data Center – A Tale of Two Clouds”. Adding, “the journey we’re about to embark on is going to be long and at times the seas will be rough. ARM has built the ARMed forces ready to take on the future”. Indeed!

image credit: Ataleof2clouds_ARMCC

image credit: Ataleof2clouds_ARMCC

This week’s blog review concludes all about a new wireless networking technology that enables long-range, low-power communication for data services. Microchip – Releasing wireless tech to enable the IoT devices comes from Hayley Ringle, reporter for the Phoenix Business Journal.

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