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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of June 8, 2015

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By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Leave it to Jon Bruner on O’Reilly Radar to hit the target with ‘Why the Internet of Things isn’t the same as the new hardware movement’. “In my view, the Internet of Things is the result of a much larger and more important movement that’s about making the physical environment accessible in the same way that the Internet has become accessible over the last 20 years. I’ll call this the ‘new hardware movement’.”

Chock-full of info you’ll want, O’Reilly Radar’s Mike Barlow brings this forward: Building Functional Teams for the IoT Economy. A diagram of a truly functional IoT would look less like a traditional linear supply chain and more like an ecosystem or a network. The most basic supply chain looks something like … read on (free report to download is also available).

Esquilo and the Internet of Things, from Alasdair Allan’s post on MAKE. In a similar manner to the Beaglebone Black — the Esquilo boots with an on-board web-based IDE with a source-level debugger and command console. However, the interesting twist is that the on-board IDE, and the board itself, can be accessed from anywhere using the Esquilo Nest cloud service.

Esquilo board in front of the onboard web based dev environment. Image credit: MAKE

Esquilo board in front of the onboard web based dev environment.
Image credit: MAKE

Informative ARM Connected blog post from Ben Walshe on ‘ARM IoT Subsystem for Cortex-M Processors – Moving forward on IoT’. More than a PR, find out how the system was designed to optimize power consumption and bring a high level of security (two key features for IoT solutions). This subsystem has been developed in collaboration with TSMC.

“The big chip makers, such as Intel Corp., Texas Instruments Inc. and Qualcomm Inc., want to beef up in just those areas.” Get what that’s all about in Liana Baker and Bill Rigby’s article in The Globe and Mail on More deals in chips at the Internet of Things bloomsPlus, in a Gordon Smith post that is related: The ‘Internet of Things’ will have to earn our trust.  Amen

Too soon to even fathom? ‘How big is the Internet of Things and how big will it get?’ comes from TechTank and Philip Howard talking about bot, botnet…and on and on and on and on. He (Philip) says he will attempt to answer.

Imagination and TSMC team up to speed up Internet of Things development; set to work collaboratively on a new family of subsystems per Rob Triggs post via Android Authority. This new working relationship and wide range of manufacturing options could result in a wider adoption of Imagination’s MIPS, PowerVR and Ensigma processor designs in future IoT products. Off to the races – this is getting very interesting.

Mary Shacklett on Tech Republic spins “10 ways to capitalize on the Internet of Things”. She says every company wants to capitalize on the IoT in its big data strategy–but what’s the best way to go about it?  Mary outlines 10 steps to include in your IoT enablement plans.

True or False? The Internet of Things is Changing How We Manage Customer Relationships, that comes from HBR’s Ric Merrifield.  Some key words to live by include, “don’t underestimate the impact of acting on something seemingly minute. The right incremental changes can truly transform the way people experience your organization. So even if something seems trivial, try it and see how it goes. You might find that you had underestimated just how powerful a small change can be.

Image credit: Steven Moore

Image credit: Steven Moore

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