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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of June 29, 2015

IoT Temporary Term, New Auto Experience, Industrial IoT, Technology Conceives, Kindara’s Wink, Scale Deployment, Energy Harvesting, Nano Satellites, AwareAbility

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Leave it to O’Reilly Radar’s Jenn Web on bringing ‘gnarly problems’ into the IoT thought process with her write-up “Internet of Things” is a temporary term. Not just a fluff piece on the term, but on scaling the IoT, and those pesky (ok, gnarly) problems that are being faced. Pilgrim Beart, co-founder of AlertMe, adds greatly to this article.

On IoT@Intel, Doug Davis shares how Intel IoT Paves the Road for Auto Experience Design Innovation. And this thought, “Imagine stepping into a car that recognizes your facial features and begins playing your favorite music. A pair of gloves that knows the history of your vehicle from the time of its inception as a lone chassis on the factory floor. A vehicle that detects the relevancy of upcoming road signs and displays them on your dashboard.”  Yes, you had me at ‘imagine’

Jaguar Land-Rover and Intel RealSense Technology Showcased

Jaguar Land-Rover and Intel RealSense Technology Showcased

In the mood for a little revolution? See Keith Kohl’s post via Energy&Capital on ‘The Industrial Internet of Things Revolution’ – ready to grow into the industrial world. “The ‘Internet of Things’ trend has reversed the flow of technology growth. Where once big businesses got new things first then spread them to the public, today’s technology is often first shown in the public then grown for use in big businesses. The post leads into a Venture Beat article as well – both are informative, quick reads.

Richard Waters shares ‘Technology conceives the inconceivable’ on Financial Times. And this little bit of excitement more than caught my attention. Some implications are too big and too revolutionary to grasp. (this post is a subscriber-read only, if of interest).

Image courtesy_Technology Blade 4 a 3D printed car, the third leg of the so-called digital revolution is digital manufacturing exemplified by 3D printing

Image courtesy: Technology Blade 4 a 3D printed car, the third leg of the so-called digital revolution is digital manufacturing exemplified by 3D printing

Not exactly the arena we usually include in the weekly review but get this: “The Internet of Things device that helped 75,000 women get pregnant.” Find out what Kindara’s Wink (mobile app and ‘Wink’) could mean to those seeking fertility help. FYI: there’s Bluetooth inside so Wink syncs with the Kindara app on a user’s smartphone. Thanks for the info, Tamara Chuang in DenverPost Tech+.

Tom Deitrich with Freescale posts “IoT scale deployment – it’s all about the network” sharing his thoughts on the role the network plays. (Tom is the Sr. VP and GM of Digital Networking at Freescale). He touches on solving key problems at a system level, that of security, flexibility and capacity being interconnected. Catch his quick perspective.

Shoes Highlight Challenges-Benefits of Energy Harvesting comes out of ChipEstimate.com’s IP Insider from John Blyler touching on several key points. He writes, “…to the issue of low power IoT systems, energy harvesting technology and related intellectual property (IP) must be balanced with the total energy consumption of the sensor system”.

Image Courtesy of Synopsys -Energy Harvesting

Image Courtesy of Synopsys -Energy Harvesting

Nano Satellites Work with Ground Sensors to Offer New Eye on Disaster Relief and Agriculture – small satellites giving critical infrastructure an Internet connection that never goes down, from Andrew Rosenblum via MIT Technology Review. Learn why Terran Orbital’s CEO, Anthony Previte says, “if every generator has a sensor on it that reports back to a satellite, then whoever is in charge—FEMA, the government, the military—can move fuel around, with intelligent decisions”. Much more to the story, read it.

Carrie Ghose on the Upstart Business Journal features ‘This entrepreneur aims to solve the Internet of Things power problem’. She’s talking about AwareAbility CEO, Jeff Becker.  Mr. Becker says , “are we in a race?” Yes, we are, but we think we’re going to be one of the first to come out with …” give it a look.  Becker worked for IBM and several startups in Ohio, launching AwareAbility just two years ago.

An early note ~ Have a safe, and sane, 4th of July!

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