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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of June 22, 2015

IoT Superhumans, Standards Needed, Sensor, you?, New Security, Advertising & IoT, Living Services, Alarm.com IPO, Data Diet, DecaWave, Employment Law

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

The purpose of the IoT is to give humans superpowers” – indeed. This, from Jenn Webb on O’Reilly Radar, she talks of “…the biggest opportunities in the IoT lie not in new devices but in rethinking user behavior to design better user experiences and increase value for users”. Chock full of video, reports, and detail – a good read.

Qualcomm, Huawei, Cadence execs on DAC 2015 Accellera Panel: Why Standards are needed for the Internet of Things, moderated by JBSystech’s own John Blyler. Richard Goering via Cadence blog reports interesting insights, take a quick look at what they had to say:

Cadence blog Panelists: Lu Dai, Wael William Diab, Chris Rowen

Cadence blog Panelists: Lu Dai, Wael William Diab, Chris Rowen

Not sure anyone has been asked this (yet) – ‘Are you a sensor on the Internet of Things?’ writes Yves de Montcheuil on InfoWorld post this last week. Read why he comes to the conclusion, “it’s not good or bad — it’s simply happening. You are turning into a sensor on the Internet of Things”.  Sensor me this!

With IoT constantly having security issues at the forefront, the blog on Phys.org provided by Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum shares New Security Technology for the Internet of Things based on a random number generator. It grants two parties that conduct wireless communication access to a synchronized sequence of random numbers.

How the Internet of Things is already the future of advertising (cue Don Draper), via MARKETING’s Andrew Buckman- he writes “for the commercialization of the IoT to reach its potential, brands must be prepared to share consumer insights. Multinational brands, such as General Motors, are already looking to standardize technology, and in a recent …” read.

Catching my interest is this insightful article by Stuart Lauchlan on diginomica: “Beyond the Internet of Things – the birth of Living Services?” See for yourself why Accenture puts forward three main reasons for coining the Living Services term. And in its analysis, “Living Services are highly sophisticated and able to constantly learn and evolve, almost as if they are alive.” They share a lot … don’t miss it.

Nanalyze provides news on ‘An Internet of Things IPO from Alarm.com this past week. The IoT play to be had here is the software or “cloud” platform of Alarm.com.  If all home automation devices begin to use this cloud, Alarm.com doesn’t have to worry if a competitor has a better piece of hardware. Learn more.

Leave it to Milan Goldas via M2Mnow with a no-holds barred article: The Internet of Things needs a healthier data diet. His concerns, “However, once they have succeeded, I fear there will be a much bigger challenge involved with the data”.

Post on Siliconrepublic from John Kennedy RE: the Irish chipmaker: Internet of things chipmaker DecaWave hits US $30m funding mark. Big numbers, bigger plans in their moves ahead.

Siliconrepublic: internet of things - shutterstock

Siliconrepublic: internet of things – shutterstock

The IoT is driving a demand for highly-customized chips (they have several chips simultaneously in design) which will require them to triple their workforce. DecaWave will seek a minimum of €10m in a funding round opening early 2016.

Winding up with another perspective. This, from InsideCouncil Senior Editor Rich Steeves about The Internet of Things impact on employment law. “Employees can be connected to the workplace and monitored and tracked, just as supplies could be. Did you know California, for example, has laws that prohibit lawyers from using devices to monitor employee movement unless they notify employees and get their consent?”

Wishing dad’s everywhere a Happy Father’s 365/24/7 !

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