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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of June 1, 2015

Sigfox CoB, Cisco Certs, IoT Labs, iMotion Edgeware, Johnnie Walker Sensored, Big Brother Cometh, Business Model Outcomes, London Transport, Woz on IoT

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

This woman wants to make the Internet of Thing cheaper, simpler and more efficient’ (she has my vote!)

Anne Lauvergeon, Sigfox Chairman of the Board  Photograph by Denis Felix

Anne Lauvergeon – Photography by Denis Felix

Brady Dale on Fortune is talking about Anne Lauvergeon, Sigfox Chairman of the Board (the French startup that wants to be the Mal Bell of the IoT).  Maybe you’ve heard of it? Sigfox, that is. It works on what it calls “ultra narrowband” using free parts of the radio spectrum. While telcos are working hard to develop the tightest, tiniest waves capable of carrying the largest data payloads, Sigfox goes opposite, using the biggest waves.

Cisco Announces New Professional Certifications for Cloud, Internet of Things, shared on techwire.net. Cisco’s new cloud certification program teaches IT professionals how to build private and hybrid cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions at the enterprise level. A high five for connecting the unconnected…bravo, Cisco.

MarketWatch shares an announcement ‘Internet of Things Inc. to Develop Applications for Automotive and Manufacturing Industries and Sets Up IoT Labs Inc.’ IoT Labs Inc. will leverage the software development center in India and its on-demand capacity through a talent pool of more than 100 software engineers to accelerate development of new applications. The initial launch of the platform is scheduled to take place in North America.

CMO news: ‘Fujitsu addresses the proliferation of IoT with scalable, robust iMotion Edgeware management platform’. Fujitsu established an end-to-end capability in Australia and New Zealand around the IoT iMotion™ Edgeware management platform, a link between automated identification technology and enterprise applications. It allows organizations to build a hardware-independent platform with multiple connected sensors, readers, devices, handhelds, networks and other sensors that integrate with rich data from corporate systems.

Well, we figured no stone would be unturned when it came to connecting our world. Get this news: “Why Johnnie Walker joined the Internet of Things”. CIO post from Thor Olavsrud talks about the smart bottle that features a printed sensor tag made with Thinfilm’s OpenSense technology. OpenSense uses smartphones’ Near Field Communication capabilities, allowing (the British beverage company) Diageo to send personalized communications to consumers who read the tags with their smartphones. Next round’s on you!

Truth be told, one writers opinion may be spot on stating the Internet of Things is just bringing us closer to a 24/7 surveillance state”. The blog post, The IoT – A Surveillance State in Disguise, may be a very real warning but who can wrestle a whirlwind already tracking at high speeds? PC’s John Dvorak concludes his write-up with, ”we may as well give up and let the authorities “chip” us all.” …I must politely decline, thank you.

Paul Daugherty, CTO of Accenture posts via WSJ ‘Internet of Things Drives Outcome-based Business Models’. He writes, “Welcome to the outcome economy — where companies create value not just by selling products and services, but by delivering solutions that directly produce quantifiable results. By placing intelligent hardware where digital and physical worlds intersect, business leaders and CIOs can gain quantifiable, end-to-end insights into …

And across the pond we read about How Big Data and The Internet of Things Improve Public Transport in London, from Forbes’ post by author, Bernard Marr. Must admit this to be a good read if a Londoner for a lot of big business as well as personal reasons.

The Woz warns in ‘Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak warns of coming internet of things bubble’ writes Rose Powell on Financial Review. In all seriousness, read why he is excited about the industry sector but worried the hopes and plans of founders could outstrip technological capacity.

Steve Wozniak Image credit_Dominic Lorrimer

Steve Wozniak – Image credit Dominic Lorrimer

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