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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of July 27, 2015

IoT Design, Bluetooth SIG/FIDO, Analytics & the Cloud, IoT Growth May Surprise, Zero UI, Intel & QNX, Future of Crime, Atmel New Partner Program, IoT Centralization

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Kudos to Jenn Webb at O’Reilly Radar to: Avoid Design Pitfalls in the IoT: Keep the Focus on People. Read who had this to say “one of the biggest pitfalls I’m seeing in how companies are approaching the Internet of Things, especially in the consumer market, is, literally, not paying attention to people — how people understand products and how they interact with them and what they mean to them”.

FierceWirelessTech post by Monica Alleven on Bluetooth SIG, FIDO collaboration could bring better security to Internet of Things. The really exciting part?  Says Errett Kroeter, senior director of marketing at the Bluetooth SIG, “the ability to get rid of the reliance on so many complicated–or super easy to guess–passwords.  On one front, the first wireless U2F product on the market (Amazon) is the YubiKey NEO with both USB and NFC communications.

The YubiKey NEO  Source: Yubico

The YubiKey NEO
Source: Yubico

Hot Blog of the day, Forbes’ Louis Columbus on Analytics, Cloud Computer Dominate Internet of Things App Developers’ Plans. Serious numbers, graphs and perhaps a few understatements but definitely a lot of depth in this article.  See what you think.

Brian Fuller on ARM Connected Community delivers us this jewel: Where IoT Growth is Coming From Might Surprise You.  Brian brings us keen insights from Vernon Turner, Senior VP of enterprise systems and IDC Fellow, on how “consumer whims coupled with volatility among providers “…. check it out.  Spoiler alert: “The real value for IoT is in the enterprise space”.  

On Moving toward a Zero UI to Orchestrate the IoT, and thanks again Jenn Webb with a snapshot review from recent Radar podcast with Andy Goodman, group director of Fjord’s Design Strategy. Goodman talks about what he calls “zero UI.” And he addresses the evolutionary path of embeddables, noting that “we already have machines inside us.” (That’s a bit unsettling.)

Intel IoT and QNX Software Systems Collaborate on ADAS Solutions, writes David McKinney on IoT@Intel. A new adventure in advancing in-vehicle technologies for new driving experiences, already leading to innovations for dashboard functionality within cars, including infotainment systems, digital instrument clusters and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).  Looks like a great pairing.

Intel@IoT with QNX

Intel@IoT with QNX

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, grabbed attention … If you’re trying to decide whether to bring your e-reader or a hardback on vacation, Marc Goodman’s new tome ‘Future Crimes’: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It could help. “We no longer live life through our own innate primary human sensory abilities. Rather, we experience it mediated through screens.”

Atmel launches IoT Cloud Ecosystem Partner Program for developers created next-gen IoT solutions. The new program, providing those using Atmel | SMART MCUs and Atmel SmartConnect wireless solutions with access to a wide range of ecosystem cloud partners for device management, data analytics and visualization in order to experience end-to-end, out-of-the-box IoT solution development.

Countering the Internet of Things’ Flow Toward Centralization from PSFK Writer Guardian shares the “grand visions of the Internet of Things is currently an exercise in imagination”. This article is an eye-opener.  And, “So, is there a way out? Perhaps, given the Internet of Things is still evolving. But the path to countering the strong forces favoring dominance far from easy.”

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