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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of July 13, 2015

Web-scale Storage, USB Type C, Content Strategy, DAC Interview, China’s Ahead, Lucid Gets Real, Basketball IoT, Etisalat IoT Platform, New Open House, Community of Things

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Thanks to the IoT, the DataCenter Journal blog from Stefan Bernbo hits on Dealing with the Data Deluge: The Benefits of Web-scale Storage Design. He talks on increasing storage agility, freedom from hardware, the distributed model, and more.  On what lies ahead … newer data-storage technologies such as hyper-converged infrastructures and software-defined storage are enabling what the future demands: web-scale architecture.

John Blyler goes directly to why it’s time we look at the basics with: What is USB Type C and Why it Matters?  This is something to check out, and learn how he sees it fitting into the evolving IoT space. A quick, good read.  

Building a Content Strategy for the Internet of Things from Ben Barone-Nugent on theguardian. “ … with people in seemingly impossible ways. The best way to unlock this potential is to involve smart content thinkers.” Perhaps the newest corporate title we’ll soon see is SCT Director. 

Photograph: Marcelo Isarrualde-Getty

Photograph: Marcelo Isarrualde-Getty

Video from the DAC 2015 floor, an interview between John Blyler with Sean O’Kane with ChipEstimate.TV, talking on John’s takeaways following Gary Smith’s Keynote (trends overview – system design automation+) touching on whether IP will flatten out, and much more … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnyzIb92-LQ

ITWires’ Peter Dinham blogs China way out front in deployment of Internet of Things. Alex Sinclair, CTO at GSMA, said “connectivity is boosting major industries such as logistics, manufacturing and energy in terms of increased efficiency, but it has also created a new consumer market, putting China at the forefront of IoT deployment.”  Is that how you see it, too?

Forbes Tom Taulli writes, Lucid: The Internet Of Things (IoT) Gets Real — though for Vladi Shunturov, CEO and co-founder of Lucid, he doesn’t care much about the buzzword even though his company is one of the top operators in the space. Read on the ‘aha’ moment and how it has impacted their strategy; plus the new deal they’ve just set with NRG Renew LLC.

Couldn’t resist this from NETWORKWORLD’s Fredric Paul – “Can the Internet of Things improve your jumpshot? These apps are trying”. So there’s a new basketball coaching app for smartwatches that joins a ‘smart’ basketball and wearable shot tracker to help players improve.  The $64M question becomes ~  should the real money not be in star players, but rather used to improve the games of millions of young players and … (an interesting read) Slam dunk score! 

Etisalat launches Internet of Things application platform, this, from the Gulf News staff. Etisalat said it will be working with Oberthur Technologies and ThingWorx to build and manage the platform as Etisalat’s partners. The new service platform will enable customers to develop and deploy IoT solutions for the growing M2M market, estimated worth in the billions of dollars.

On the consumer level, a posting from Atmel about the cool, new (IoT) Target store (‘Open House’) in San Francisco.  It introduces customers to smart living letting people see how connected devices can work together in their homes.  The store was designed as part retail, part lab, and part meeting venue.  

New Target Store - San Francisco

New Target Store – San Francisco

Line/Shape/Space’ Mickey McManus brings us How the Community of Things Will Improvise Like a Jazz Band – and Save Lives.  It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: A child, chasing after his soccer ball, darts into the street and is hit by a car. But what if sensors, microprocessors, and the IoT could forever alter the fate of a child in danger?

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