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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Apr 5, 2015

Centralizing IoT, Microgrid Industrial IoT, By Sector, Security/Privacy, Intel with Ingenico, Microsoft+Qualcomm, Cisco IoT Expand, Start-up Accelerator, Ha-Ha, Google Robot Patents

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

All for one and one for all: How the IoT is Centralizing Across Industries, from Shahram Mehraban, Intel blogger and bigwig. Read how consumer and industrial data come together; proactive failure analysis.

greentechgrid’s Jeff St. John brings ‘The Standards-based Microgrid Meets the Industrial Internet of Things’. Check out info on the Industrial Internet Consortium (a group of more than 150 companies) that just launched an ambitious project aimed at bringing real-time data analytics and control to the world of microgrids, and potentially, the grid at large.

The IoT Businesses Taking the Sector by Storm on theguardian from Richard Newton – we read about the pioneer, the enabler, and the utiliser in a new light.

Internet of Things has IT Professionals Concerned about Security / Privacy writes Mike Thomas, San Antonio Business Journal. Spoiler alert: “IT professionals have pretty much figured out security at the traditional end-point,” said CompuCom’s Chief Technology Officer, Sam Gross. “But IoT accentuates a new set of security concerns that span securing the device, the edge network and the new classes of data that will be collected. How we rethink security standards has driven innovation into the marketplace that will benefit us all.”

Announced last week, we read on PYMTS.com RE: Intel pushes Payments into the IoT by way of Ingenico and Intel partnering to build mobile payment capabilities into an array of connected devices for the Internet of Things, including intelligent vending machines, kiosks and digital signage.

Read on … Microsoft gets Ally for IoT, Leo Sun tells us in The Motley Fool and it’s Qualcomm! It’s also not the first time these two have teamed up. Find out why the IoT market represents the final frontier of the One Windows strategy.

Leo Sun also talks on 3 Ways Cisco is expanding into the Internet of Things – connecting everything (even Teddy Bears). With Cisco networking foundations already in place, it now has to evolve by investing in more companies, sponsoring accelerators, and enhancing its networking hardware with analytics tools. p.s. Did we mention the $2 Billion?


Out of the mouths of Jenn Nowicki at MAKE comes “Seamless Accelerator to Foster IoT Start-ups”. Grand Rapids, Michigan chosen to be a specialized hub for IoT ideas and products. Dubbed the Seamless Accelerator, the coalition’s goal is to provide startups with initial capital and mentorship… read for more.

Post on KORE from Sherry Grote, a quick look at Finding the Humor in IoT – makes one wonder, she says, how M2M and IoT are playing out today? Good for giggle on things that are real.

This is interesting: Google patents customizable robot personalities – the newly patented system would allow users to download the personality of a celebrity or a deceased loved one to a robot.   google-granted-patent-robots-personalities
Make it a great week and if you partake in any kind of ‘Spring Break’… Enjoy!

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