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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Apr 27, 2015

ASIC Prototyping, IoT Next Bubble, Manufacturing Changes, Opportunities & Challenges, Xtensa Fusion DSP, Are We Prepared, Sensor Reliability, LogMeIn Xively

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

IoT Drives Surprising ASIC Prototyping Growth, posted via ChipEstimate’s IP Insider (and our own), John Blyer. Read why and who says, “The growth has prompted a surge in FPGA-based ASIC prototyping tools in the memory SSD and storage spaces. He notes that this is a fairly recent phenomena but not unexpected.

A reasonable question to pose given our economic history, in Is a Stock Market Bubble Brewing in the Internet of Things Stock? post from Leo Sun on The Motley Fool. This article starts at what valuations reveal, “Since many IoT efforts are tucked away within larger companies, we should first check in on “pure play” IoT stocks to gauge investor interest” with a quick look at Sierra Wireless and Skyworks Solutions. Then on to larger players…

From IoT Barcelona, CEO at OIES Consulting Francisco Maroto for IOTS writes ‘Is the Internet of Things Changing Manufacturing’. Good read on case studies (Apotex, Sysmex, GE’s Durathon) and final key takeaway – while the IoT will allow real time sharing of data by all who need it, it remains to be seen whether management will move to break down departmental silos to share data on a real-time basis and will choose to give …

image source: IoTBarcelona/OIES Consulting

image source: IoTBarcelona/OIES Consulting

Ahmed Banafa on OpenMind does ‘Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges’, referring to the IoT as the third wave in the development of the internet. Catch the views, facts and figures though to this closing statement: “without the consideration of strong security at all joints of the IoT and protection of data, the progress of IoT will be hindered by litigations and social resistance. The expansion of IoT be slow without common standards for the connected devices or sensors“.

Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Eric Esteve blog on SemiWiki ‘Xtensa Fusion DSP Target IoT including Wireless and Security’. Fusion DSP core from Tensilica/Cadence based on the Xtensa® Customizable Processor is addressing the three basic functions to support needs of any IoT system: Sensing, Compute and Communicate.

Preparing for the Internet of Things, CompterworldUK’s article comes from Mike Simons, exploring ‘serious obstacles to overcome if we are to gain full benefit of what could be the building blocks of the new technical revolution’.

Via LI repost from Rob Chamberlain, his discussion on how to ensure the coming billions of IoT sensors will function reliably over their lifetime. SensorsOnLine blog by Gary Chan talks on ‘Internet of Things – Enhancing Sensor Reliability through Venting’. Lots to ingest in this post, including Understanding the Cause of Leaks, i.e. Designers often overlook the natural phenomenon of gas expansion and contraction. As internal and external temperatures fluctuate during the electronics power cycles and weather changes, the internal air expands or contracts in response, generating pressure changes. The enclosure tries to equalize internal pressure by drawing air in or forcing it out, often referred to as breathing.

PR post on LogMeIn Ups IoT Play with Next Generation of Xively, designed to help bring secure, Internet connected products to market built on a new ultrafast, highly secure connectivity platform with management capabilities to help companies capture, analyze and take action on connected product data. Transforming product companies into tech companies, and opening up a whole new set of customer expectations … read for more.

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