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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Apr 20, 2015

DHL & Cisco, Top IoT Cities, Movidius Visual Sensors, Digicel Selects Stream Tech, Doing IoT Right, Cloud Architectures, More by Magnachip, Telco Slow to Know, Consumers v CIO

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Computer Business Review blog by Joao Lima on ‘DHL & Cisco: IoT will Trigger $1.9tr growth to Supply Chains. The Trend Report, revealed at DHL’s Global Technology Conference in Dubai, estimated that by 2020 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet, increasing by more than 300% from today’s 15 billion.

This is an eye-opening look with the Top 15 Internet of Things Cities in the World, from Knud Lasse Lueth via IoT Analytics. To find Silicon Valley at the top of the list was not unexpected but did get a little surprise about some of the other hubs and big global clusters. California may be experiencing a severe water shortage but clearly (it) does not face a tech drought.

Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat brings news on ‘Movidius raises $40M to make visual sensors for the Internet of Things’. In the past two years, the company has launched the next gen of its vision processor for mobile and connected devices. Movidius is also collaborating with Google on its Project Tango device, a smartphone that can sense its environment.

Image Credit:  Movidius

Image Credit: Movidius

M2M Magazine reports Digicel Group Selects Stream Technologies to drive its IoT growth strategy. From Digicel Business Group Director of Products, Martin Carroll, “Stream’s multi-connectivity platform, private APN backhaul network, global reach, deep vertical expertise, and partner eco-system made them the natural choice to enable Digicel to deliver complete IoT solutions for our customers.”

Dave Evans on TechCrunch gives smart/speak in ‘We Need to do The Internet of Things Right’.  This is more than just an interesting bystander view, we believe.  Dave Evans is currently the co-founder and CTO of a Silicon Valley stealth startup – previously he was the Chief Futurist for Cisco. Some of you may recall the term “network of networks.” We are in real danger of making the same mistake again — only this time on a massive scale”.

Intel’s software evangelist talks cloud architectures and the Internet of Things on diginomica, by Martin Banks – hear from Chief Software Evangelist, James Reinders. He says, “there is a real hunger for compute power and we are seeing higher levels of integration. Some of this obviously come from the product companies and is driven by what they have to sell. The hard part is knowing where the real problem is and which way to address it.” Read more to fully digest…

MagnaChip’s new PR on: Offering Diversified Products for the Internet of Things Applications. Based on its already developed 0.18 micron ultra-low power technology, MagnaChip plans to provide a diversified portfolio within the ultra-low power sector (ultra-low power technology is a key element for conserving energy usage within IoT devices).

Telco Staff Slow to Recognise the ‘Internet of Things’, from David Ramli reporting in The Sydney Morning Herald. EIU senior editor Charles Ross says, “it’s been very difficult to create a business case around M2M, and companies have really struggled around that to date because it’s new and a communications breakdown between them and telecoms companies”.

Consumers Outweigh the CIO in the Internet of Things, Vision Mobile blog from Stijn Scheurmans.  In this post, they look at the potential of consumer and enterprise IoT markets. Enterprise IoT (industrial, large-scale applications) are currently the biggest market in terms of revenues, but will that remain so forever?

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