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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Feb 8, 2015

Hot IoT Stats, Data Privacy, MediaTek Goes Mobile, Not-so Intimate Details, IT Affected, Maker Faire Contest, Bluetooth Battle, Intelsat/Kymeta, Energy Solutions

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Since ‘IoT’ is a big conundrum (somewhat), you might find this interesting: 17 Stunning Internet of Things Statistics You Don’t Know, shared by Chris Neiger on The Motley Fool. To me, #3 was a surprise, #7 is a worry but #13 will be great. Would you agree?

Here you can catch O’Reilly Radar’ Gilad Rosner on There is room for global thinking in IoT data privacy matters – how European data protection experts seek to complement the CIA triad with three additional goals: transparency, unlinkability, and intervenability. BTW, this is part of a series of posts with a free webcast on Feb. 11, 2015 by Dr. Gilad Rosner: Privacy and Security Issues in the Internet of Thingsreserve your spot today.

New tools* from Chipmaker, MediaTek Labs (Taking the IoT Mobile) should lead to cheaper and smarter IoT-connected devices coming soon, we’re told by Michael Moore in TechWeek Europe. *based on their in-house design MT7681 Wi-Fi SoC.

To be honest, my Devil Wears Prada fav remark ‘gird your loins’ came to mind when I saw this blog from Tom Goodwin, AdvertisingAge: Intimate Data Will Be Key to the Internet of Things. He writes, ‘If we’re wearing watches, clever clothes and using sentient spoons, our heartbeat, moods, location, stress levels, calendars and search activity are all being recorded, shared and analyzed. Forget big data. When you have intimate data, little else seems important”.

Ashdown Group post by Diccon Lynes goes on about Gartner: More than 40% of Organizations Expect IoT to Affect IT Sector. Nick Jones, Gartner VP said: “only a small minority have deployed solutions in a production environment.”  He goes on “that new domains such as the IoT present new dangers and challenges…”

Want a chance to win something that looks pretty great? Here you go: Design for the IoT, Win a Trip to Maker Faire Bay Area IRL! Enter your IoT project in the PSoC Pioneer Challenge for a chance to win a trip to Maker Faire in May 2015. Nick Normal from MAKE tells us the deadline to submit an entry is until 11:59 p.m. PDT on Monday, March 23, 2015.

Chip Firms Battle Over Bluetooth for IoT comes from Patrick Mannion at Electronics360 – all about Silicon Labs purchase of Bluegiga being the opening salvo in a 2015 short-range wireless connectivity battle between semiconductor elites drunk on the ethereal promises of the IoT. Patrick certainly can turn a phrase.

Intelsat, Kymeta expand into M2M/IoT Verticals. Read the M2M magazine post about the agreement to design and produce innovative, flat, electronically steerable, Ku-band mTenna™ satellite antenna solutions that are optimized for the Intelsat Epicng high throughput satellite platform. Sounds like a smart match.

Intel IoT Energy Solution Brings Intelligence to Critical Secondary Substations Read on about the world’s energy needs continuing to shift, and how solutions like this offer utilities an opportunity to make significant contributions toward increasing resilience against failures, raising efficiency and reducing operating costs. Thanks for sharing, David McKinney on IoT@Intel.

Note: This blog review is posting earlier than usual as a courtesy – in case you’re interested in the Feb 11th webcast (see second item above).

* February 13 is the #IoT Valentine’s Day ~ connect with something or someone new ~

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