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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Feb 23, 2015

AI Fears, Mobile Networks, Smart Labels, Happy Cybercriminals, Lantronix Shows, IoT Identity, Industrial IoT, Barbie, $$$, IoT Engineering Firm

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Robot Uprising Scaremongers are ‘Getting Old’, says IoT Pioneer from Marketing blog by Shona Ghosh. Kevin Ashton, the one who came up with the ‘internet of things’, says fears are grounded in sci-fi, i.e. more fiction than science. Makes me wonder if there is a real creep factor or just the normal worries of the unknown.

credit: ExMachina

credit: ExMachina

Mobile Networks Limber Up for the IoT with changes starting to take place behind the scenes that may eventually pay dividends to anyone with a smartphone, a connected refrigerator or an IT department. Stephen Lawson on PCWorld gets us on the line.

Forbes contributor Mike Kavis on ‘The Smart Labels That Will Power the Internet of Things. Read on about ThinFilm (based in Norway) and printed electronics (all about small data, much more prescriptive we’re told).

Looks like I’m a Mike Kavis fan this week – he also brings us: The IoT Is A Cybercriminals Dream Come True. Plus the $64 billion dollar question: “If large companies (like Target, Sony, Home Depot) with dedicated security professionals are getting outsmarted by criminals, how are everyday consumers expected to protect their devices, homes, and cars in the connected world of the future?”

If you’re heading to Embedded World at the Nürnberg Exhibition Centre, Lantronix announced a showcase on Wi-Fi Enabled IoT – product applications, including the xPico Wi-Fi-powered Torquing ZANO autonomous drone and a PremierWave EN-powered humanoid robot. Just in case you’re going. Thanks CNN PR post off MarketWired. To be polite, you can find them in Hall 5, Booth 451 at the M2M Pavilion Feb 24-26.

James Henderson at ComputerworldNZ brings forward INSIGHT: Uncovering the Identity of the Internet of Things… and says Gartner believes the Identity of Things (IDoT) is a new extension to identity management that encompasses all entity identities, whatever form those entities take.

Just when we’re skittish from the what-if news about Samsung TV potentially spying, we read on TechWeek Europe blogger Tom Jowitt on ‘IoT Barbie Could Let Hackers Spy on Children”. 

image credit_techweekeurope


Business Insiders’ John Greenough goes whole blog: The Internet of Things will be the world’s most massive device market and save companies billions of dollars. It’s a report purchase but may be worth your while.

Is this the first of a proclaimed – IoT Engineering Firmwhich is what BuLogics calls itself. Michael Hinkelman at philly.com does a quickie showcase for a firm that certifies, designs, and builds wireless systems connecting everyday objects for Fortune 500 companies and individuals.

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