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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Feb 15, 2015

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By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Wired.co.UK James Temperton writes TV White Space will Connect the Internet of Things. King’s College London is currently researching how white space spectrum could be used to improve broadband coverage by linking white space connections between buildings; and more…

A different (out)look comes from m2mnows’ Jeremy Cohen: “Five Years Out – What Doesn’t Matter in the Internet of Things any more? “Seeing what isn’t there isn’t easy, but I feel better about my answers after doing this ‘inverted’ thought exercise. What do you think? Who is building IoT buggy whips today?” The Zero Sum Game lays things out nicely.

The Internet of Things, Exposed takes a quick blog ride around several topics thanks to Anna Johansson on imedia connection, that is: How IoT Got a Gun, Implications of Personal Privacy, Web-enabled Bracelet, New Entertainment Possibilities to What Consumers Expect. Can anyone really know what to expect?

From The National Law Review RE: Senate held (Feb 11) hearing on The Connected World: Examining the Internet of Things. Chairman John Thune suggested the Committee “tread carefully and thoughtfully before stepping in with a ‘government knows best’ mentality that could halt innovation and growth”.

Big business in the land of babies (otherwise known to moms and dads as, this stuff is so awesome!)  ARM Connected Community Artie Beavis showcases a smart(y)-pants look in the IoT with 13 Smart Products for the Internet of Toddlers. Read about the ‘Smart Diapers’ sensor that doesn’t just inform when it’s time for a change but also unobtrusively screens for UTIs, dehydration or developing kidney problems.

Product: SmartOne /  Sensible Baby

Product: SmartOne / Sensible Baby

Brian Fuller on Cadence brings Steve Schulz’ vision on how engineering teams need a unique approach for this “enormous opportunity, wrapped in complexity, covered in the need… ‘IoT Designs Need Stepped-Up Standard Push – Schulz

Internet of Things and Robotics Lead Coming from UK CIOs – …a significant minority of CIOs (hoping to become visionary leaders) have moved beyond monitoring the trends to actively investing and deploying solutions, according to analysts Lee Weldon and Duncan Chapman. CIO news post from Edward Qualtrough.

When and what actually becomes too personal? In The Intimacy of Things from O’Reilly Radars’ Gilad Rosner, he poses “at what layer do we build privacy into the fabric of devices?”

Atmel staff shares about multi-tasking: Repurposing a Cree Connected Bulb for other IoT apps discovering you can use your smart lightbulb’s MCU for another IoT application. Spoiler alert: The new 60-watt replacement LED lights are compatible with both Wink and ZigBee-certified hubs.

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