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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Dec. 8, 2014

Energy and Power Needs, Cypress and Spansion Merge, Arduino Smart Home, Bitcoin Mining, Apple Pay, Microsoft/Google/autoGraph, Eutech Cybernetic taps Orange Business Services, IoT doorway to Violent Crime

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

A valid quest to find the “sweet spot”! Catch Richard Chirgwin’s post in The Register on Boffins Challenge Internet of Things Lust for Power. Is paying the electric bill risking IoT somewhere along the line? Read on how decentralized Internet of Things processing must be while still reaping the energy-saving benefits of cloud computing.

Newly Engaged: Cypress Semi and Spansion Merge in $4 Billion Deal ~ sweet! “This merger represents the combination of two smart, profitable, passionately entrepreneurial companies that are number one in their respective memory markets and have successfully diversified into embedded processing,” said T.J. Rodgers, Cypress founding president and chief executive of the new group. Still subject to approval, headquarters planned for Silicon Valley – reported by NDTV Gadgets.

Showing off the building and assembling of the IoT House. Check out the videos and demo model in: Building an Arduino-powered Smart Home Model, captured in the ARM Connected Community blog by Joe Hanson. Thanks to the home’s architect/PubNub Evangelist Ian Jennings, he walks through the process of building the home from scratch (with .gifs).

Bitcoin BTC - virtual money(Un)open doors screaming for attention: Bitcoin Mining – A Hackers Paradise. Jacob Cohen Donnelly writes on Inside Bitcoins that mining digital currencies is not just in theory anymore. “They [the hacker] would go for devices with fast processors (CPUs) but mostly for devices with dedicated graphical processing units (GPUs) such as a video camera…,” says George Kimionis, open source contributor for Inside Bitcoins.

As I was saying … “Apple Pay and the Internet of Things to be Prime Hacking Targets in 2015”. Chris Merriman at The Inquirer tells us more — Kaspersky, the malware-mashing security company, suggested ATMs (we’ll see attackers compromising bank networks to manipulate ATM machines in real time) and payment systems will be likely targets for hackers in the coming 12 months, naming the recently launched Cupertino Bucks service as a probable victim. This vulnerability speaks to us all, in my opinion.

New reality show from Microsoft, Google, and autoGraphan interesting post from Hamish Pringle at The Drum, on his surprise with attending conferences where the content fails to live up to the hype of its title. “I thought that last week’s Outdoor Media Centre/IPA event, ‘Screenplay: Rewriting Outdoor’s Future’, might be one of those, but how wrong I was. For the first time that hackneyed phrase ‘the internet of things’ became meaningful for me”.

Business Cloud News reports the Singapore-based smart cities vendor Eutech Cybernetic Taps Orange Business Services’ cloud infrastructure to host the company’s IoT platform. Dr. Hari Gunasingham, CEO of Eutech Cybernetic commented, “MEA is a key market for us and the fact that Orange Business has its feet on the ground in the region and is a key player in smart cities is clearly an asset”.

On the creepy side, this stopped me in my tracks: “Could the ‘Internet of Things’ Kill Someone?” INFOPACKETS’ Brandon Dimmel throws out the wake-up call by asking, is there anything scarier than having your computer hacked? Absolutely there is, say security experts who predict that the growing IoT could eventually allow hackers to remotely commit violent crimes.

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