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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, January 5, 2015

Open Source Wins, SAP Future IoT, Intwine Connect, ICT Budget, Smart City, Nano 3D Electronics Printing, miaLinkup Connected Car, IoT Agriculture and more.

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Candor comes from COMPUTERWORLDUK’s Glyn Moody in 2015: Open Source Has Won, But It Isn’t Finished. He greets the New Year with a view on After the wins of 2014, what’s next? Supecomputers, Cloud Computing, Web Servers, Mobile Systems, Embedded Systems, and our favorite … the Internet of Things. A quick, pretty neat read in my opinion – thank you Glyn.

Taking a good look at where they’re headed, here’s a view for: SAP on the Future of the Internet of Things coming from their VP of Marketing, Dinesh Sharma. Sharma talked with CBR on strategy, competition and the impact of the ‘Networked Economy – the next economic revolution’.

A person of interest “Dave Martin is a maker of disruptive technology: 2015 People to Watch” says John Funk, The Plain Dealer on cleveland.com. This takes us for a look at Entrepreneur Dave Martin who has been preparing for 2015 for at least two decades. Now his company, Intwine Connect, is poised to be in several markets with the merging of the internet and industrial revolution. He speaks about the gateway they call “the cell phone of the IoT” having the power to store all of the data if the connection goes down, their system with embedded cellular, and how that makes it a lot more robust.

Seemingly not a mainstream read: Nelson Chamisa, posted the NEWSDAY article about the ICT Budget, Internet of Things: Taking a 2020 Perspective, “a forensic assessment of the funds allocated to ICTs in the 2015 national budget manifest traces of cluelessness and a total dearth of appreciation of the positive role Information and Communication Technologies can play in transforming the fortunes of our beautiful Zimbabwe”.

Are you living in a smart city yet? Here we read about the IoT promise to put cities across the globe on the fast track to becoming “smart” and to do it right, the evolution of IoT involves three distinct phases. re/code blogger Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist-Consumer Electronics talks about those stages in “Smart Cities and the Urban Digital Revolution”, a neat wrap at the years end facing fast forward.


Source: IBM – Zurick

Here’s a look at, well, 3D things in How Nano 3D Electronics Printing Will Drive the Internet of Things from Te Edwards, 3DPrint. Researchers at Belgian nanotechnology research center imec have used inkjet printing technology to output a transistor logic board which included a mind-boggling almost 3,400 circuits. They’re calling such plastic circuits an “exponential technology,” says Dr. Janusz Bryzek, who believes printable transistor processes will one day be used to print transistors with the power of today’s chips on a 3D printer.

Kickstarter launch miaLinkup – a new direction in connected car – caught attention from the Atmel staff on Bringing the IoT to Older Vehicles. Find out what miaLinkup tackles, perhaps beyond what we might expect: once paired with its companion iOS or Android app via Bluetooth, a driver can monitor their car’s battery, manage fuel costs, track trips, protect young drivers, gain remote access, use head-up display, prevent unauthorized movement, and locate their vehicle using the device’s built-in sensors.


Source: Deere

The Motley Fools’ Chris Neiger writes: The Internet of Things is Changing How Your Food is Grown. His blog looks at why it is a good thing; Monsanto using IoT tech, General Electric’s IoT software, and what John Deere has a hand (or two) in to, as well. Catch why making agriculture processes more efficient isn’t only about helping farmers and making companies more money. The technologies can have serious benefits for feeding the world and conserving water. A must need, I believe.

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