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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, January 26, 2015

McKinsey IoT Report, ARM Zach Shelby Interview, Obama Cybersecurity Proposal, IoT Insurer Impact, Canonical Ubuntu into IoT, AMD Ignoring IoT?, Robots Take Over the Earth, Intel Groups Fastest Growth, IoT About Software, Industrial IoT, IoT Government Fears

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Couldn’t resist sharing with a topic like this: Best article I have read on IoT this year: when McKinsey speaks its pays to listen from David Blaza via the ARM Connected Community. He sums it up, “This is an article worth reading a couple of times to absorb the challenges and huge opportunities the IoT might have in store for us but McKinsey are saying that tackling the IoT with the right strategy will define your future and I couldn’t agree more.  Where do you think the real value is?”

Industry colleague, Chris Ciufo, Embedded Editor in Chief at Extension Media brings us an interview (edited excerpts) he did with ARM’s Zach Shelby in Talking IoT Beyond the Silicon: Architectures, Protocols, and Standards. No holding back on this one. Check it out, and thanks, Chris.

Will Obama’s Cybersecurity Proposal Control Hacktivists?” comes from TechBitzz after the President called on Congress to pass broad legislation … well, you may want to read and digest this one. As we’re hear, the President wants the government to get more involved in improving cybersecurity, after last year’s famous Internet vulnerability.


From a different source and market segment, here INN news guy Bob Violino brings to the blogosphere a read on the Internet of Things Already Impacting Insurers. Catch up on how the IoT is already having an impact on the insurance industry, as more insurers launch pilot projects and experiment with embedded sensors and smart devices that go far beyond telematics.

Canonical ushers Ubuntu into the Internet of Things, from SiliconANGLE’s Maria Deutscher about Canonical Ltd. making the container-centric edition of its Ubuntu Linux distribution available for connected devices in a major expansion.

While we see some surprising, rather big changes, we have to wonder “Why AMD Shouldn’t Ignore the Internet of Things”. Leo Sun, The Motley Fool, looks to have put a pretty sharp view in his blog of AMD you may not want to miss.

Give this a look “Will Internet of Things Robots Take Over Earth by 2020? See how and why Adrian Bridgwater, posting via Forbes, thinks not. Or, should we be worried?

A fairly quick write-up of Intel Data Center, IoT Groups that grew fastest in 2014 (in case you haven’t been watching closely), as shared on the DataKnowledgeCenter site by Yevgeniy Sverdlik.

Jon Bruner always cuts to the chase on O’Reilly Radar with … ‘as much as we all love the romance and gratification of hardware, The Internet of Things is Really About Software. This blog offers up details in a free report, as well.

A whole lot of $$$, the Atmel staff blogs on Report: the IIoT could add $14.2 Trillion to the Global Economy by 2030. Accenture reveals that the Industrial Internet of Things will accelerate the reinvention of sectors that account for almost two-thirds of world output. Impressive. 

How about The Motley Fool’s Chris Neiger on ‘3 Things That Terrify The Government About The Internet of Things’? #1 – Ubiquitous data collection but it’s #2 and #3 that rattle a lot of folks.

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