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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, January 12, 2015

IoT a Toy, Tech Support, Qualcomm IoT, ZigBee Smart Homes, AT&T New Tools, TI Self-powered IoT, IFTTT Intelligence Layer, Intel Investing in India.

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

The new media darling (IoT, that is) super-hyped at CES this week, William Boldt blogs for Atmel on Is the Internet of Things just a Toy? His hot tip … “only bet on the companies offering systems that articulate a clear strategy that put strong security (especially authentication) as a top priority”.

Who Provides Tech Support for the Internet of Things? asks Paul Weichselbaum on HBR. This is an interesting read knowing that tech support is no longer about individual manufacturers, retailers, telcos, and internet service providers’ product sets; it’s about a continuous service experience of the full connected environment to deliver on consumer expectations, while adding customer value to drive loyalty.

Qualcomm Marches Forward into the Internet of Things with growth plans to have its chips in everything from cars to health care devices to lightbulbs, writes Dara Kerr with c|net. Qualcomm president, Derek Aberle, announced new partnerships and emphasized movement into the IoT. We’re also told Snapdragon 810 is set to ship in devices early this year.

Ciol talks about A ZigBee based framework Solution for Smart Homes. DSR Corp and GreenPeak Technologies (ZigBee Smart Home semiconductor/system company) announced their integrated end-to-end solution that includes cloud software, data management, and smart phone alerting software combined with a complete line of sensors and gateways.

Computerworld’s Matt Hamblem shares this announcement of new design tools and a managed service for enterprise-based developers to use in building IoT apps and services. His article, right here: AT&T Builds on Internet of Things Offerings with Cloud-based Data Store

The Motley Fool Anders Bylund brings us Has Texas Instruments Cracked the Self-powered Internet of Things? The semiconductor veteran has whipped up a DC-to-DC voltage converter that can turn unusable voltage sources up to 11. That way, power sources no one considers using today can power IoT tools in very unusual places — or improve battery life in more convenient spots. This posting is a TI-rich enlightenment.

Giving people more control over every day devices … and beyond connecting web services, we learn about IFTTTs (If This Then That) big ambitions, says CEO and founder, Linden Tibbets. He shares in theguardian.com by Jemima Kiss: We’re building an intelligence layer for the Internet of Things connecting social signals with physical devices aiming for the mainstream with its endlessly useful control panel for the internet.

From The Hindu, Pradeesh Chandran, comes ‘Intel Capital to invest more in Internet of Things Start-ups’. “In India, as IoT takes off, I expect that we will see more start-up activity and, hence, most potential for investment. And, as we see more potential, we will see more investments also,” said Intel India President Kumud Srinivasan. Check out this quick post on India start-ups and the growth expected.

 (Feature image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at Freedigitalphotos)

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