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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, December 22, 2014

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By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

By the numbers in this post on Design & Reuse: Internet of Things Boosts Embedded Systems Growth in a tell-all, charts and all story that IC Insights provides, looking very much like a profitable future. Here’s what they say, “Until recently, steady increases in Internet-connected things have been overshadowed by major market battles in smartphones and the emergence of tablet computers, but with growth rates easing in those end-use systems segments, the enormous potential of the IoT has become the hottest topic in electronics and the IC industry.”

Does Kathy Kemper, on the Huffington Post Blog, head to the fun side, in An Internet of Things Playground ? See for yourself ~ in this article, she poses this … How can we be home to the world’s innovation economy but be so behind on our Internet infrastructure? With one possible answer being the lack of competition. Don’t miss the view shared by Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, Associate Director of Cyber-Physical Systems, former Presidential Innovation Fellow at Nat’l Institute of Standards and Technology.

Who put real skin in the IoT game??? You might be surprised unless you’re paying close attention – this one’s on “Meet the most Active IoT Investors in 2014”. Intel was certainly a given but see who else is this for a win, and which countries aren’t staying on the sidelines. Top players have the IoT as a key focus in their portfolios.

This may well take us to the Star Trek (and beyond) arena – get this: “Forget Armband Trackers like Fitbit, New Body Monitors Live in Your Gut”. Kaiser Health News’ Frank Browning reports via the PBS Newshour blog … and I ask you, is this cool, or what?!? The newest body monitors are as tiny as BBs. These so-called nanomeds are miniscule sensors embedded in a placebo pill that you swallow, and set up shop in your gut. As they slowly work their way through your system, these “ingestibles” – which are actually not digested – are switched on by contact with saliva and/or gastric juices. The signal is picked up by another sensor (looks like a Band-Aid) and is worn on your chest. Healthcare in the New World.

Cory McNutt at AndroidHeadlines announces TELUS Launches Canada’s First Internet of Things (IoT) Online Business Marketplace. This post shares some big numbers, i.e. TELUS says that their marketplace will start off with 38 different IoT solutions across multiple industries that include energy, retail, commerce and solutions and even logistics to help with public safety. We read that TELUS commissioned an IDC study (early 2014) and they are expecting the spending on IoT, just in Canada, to reach $21 billion by the end of 2018 and 43% of Canadian businesses participating in some sort of an IoT solution. (G)O Canada!
Wearables — the only tag topic these days that’s even hotter than – IoT. Posted from the ARM Connected Community, Kris Hong tackles: ‘How has the smart wearable device market evolved over the past 12 months in APAC? An interesting read to be sure, ‘nuff said.

Landon Cox, on Atmel’s blog synthesizes and goes Diving into More Practical Internet of Things. Not one to mince words, Landon goes starts a series … To start, (Roadmap) they introduce and discuss a relatively simple model and way to think about the IoT in order to help keep (your) technical bearings in a rapidly changing landscape. In subsequent parts of the series, he’ll explore some of the leading IoT protocols, and in keeping with a “practical IoT” theme, they promise some desktop IoT with easy-to-use development boards.

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