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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, December 15, 2014

Atmel IoT predictions, Consumer Empowerment, Data Service Exchange, Interaction & Industrial Design, Intel IoT New Platform, Big Data – IoT one in the same, Smart Street.

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

The Atmel team gives their Report on 10 Internet of Things predictions for 2015. While we’ll see the modern-day workplace transform, we’re alerted that it’s imperative for businesses to become cognizant of the security threats it poses, new IDC research has warned. As part of its FutureScape prediction 2015 series, the market intelligence firm explored the impending IoT era from a broad spectrum of angles, including network capacity, security, cloud as well as the influence of millennials.

On the consumer side, more personal questions arise: Do we really want big companies dictating how we control our appliances, while collecting data about our behavior to sell us more stuff? And do we truly crave refrigerators that order milk or cars that make their own service appointments? Jason Bloomberg, contributing on Forbes speaks to the “Key to the Internet of Things: Consumer Empowerment”.

In Data Service Exchange Key to IoT, Chip Estimate’s (and our very own) John Blyler gets real, in that IoT has such a breath of scope that it’s sometimes really hard to grasp its reality. Is IoT something really different or is it, as Mike Muller, ARM CTO, recently asked, “just a repackaging of what we’ve had all along?” Read more on if IoT is truly different in that it is now connected, and how it gives you availability of cloud services and big data advantages. The potential is there. Also check out info on ARM®’s mbed™ IoT device platform.

Bonus round! From the O’Reilly Radar Interaction and Industrial Design Team-up to Serve in their recent IoT news story: how is the IoT changing the design landscape, including team dynamics, responsible design, and value-driven design? Martin Charlier, co-author of the forthcoming Designing Connected Products and contributor to Designing for Emerging Technologies gives his take in Mary Treseler’s blog … plus, there’s a free download of sample chapters from Designing Connected Products.

Intel – over a year in and now rolling out a new platform. Rachel King for ZDNet gives us “Intel Links up Internet of Things Agenda with New Platform” in her blog, summarized by Doug Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Internet of Things group, stating that the business itself is expected to deliver $2 billion in revenue this year. Davis was elated in his statements and elaborated, “Perhaps reflecting the fragmented ecosystem of connected devices (including wearables) already on the market, Intel boasted that the development of this platform should provide businesses with a streamlined framework for deploying “limitless solutions.”

Not the first time we’ve been hearing this — Big Data and the Internet of Things: Two Sides of the Same Coin? Tamara Dull writes for SmartData Collective in The Big Data MOPS Series addressing the ins and outs of this in her recent examination of the question. Big data is just that, but IoT??? Catch her blog and find out. She also promises to explore this more in depth in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Who would have thought (okay, someone did, it seems) that pong – on the street corner – might lead to real-time news, and perhaps your next date? This Atmel staff article showcases Germany’s smart traffic lights but this is more than it might seem. Not only are the devices (see post) a clever way to pass the time while waiting for cars, it’s hoped they will help deter jaywalking and increase safety often overlooked by impatient pedestrians darting into traffic.  Here’s the fun … why stop at games? Now seeking €35,000 on Indiegogo, the team (ActiWait) hopes to enhance its wireless connectivity and design to enable other apps including real-time news feeds, navigation, citizen surveys or even speed dating!

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