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IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, Dec. 1, 2014

Reason for Existence, Blackberry, Businesses Embracing IoT, Google’s Latest Greenlight, Public Trust, Qualcomm Plays, Millennials Did It

By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Is it a royal pain for business leaders? And how do CXOs need to address this ‘connected’ development? We’re told, for CXOs, it isn’t always that easy to understand technology all the time. Rick Bouter, PMO blogging on SOGETI goes into the anatomy, in the ‘Internet of Things: Delivering the Reason of Your Existence’. Inside is also the foundation article (more dets) from Anita Bunk at Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog, called ‘5 lessons start-ups have for the “old economy” IoT entrepreneur. Wondering if you’re old economy?

Not necessarily a company that comes to mind but we read that BlackBerry has a good opportunity to play a crucial role (and pioneer – in healthcare, for example) in the IoT. Looks that they are placing their bets on big data and security, two key IoT industries. Motley Fool brings this up with Blackberry Gets Ready for IoT with BES12 and Project Ion. Check out Blackberry’s latest mobility support enterprise management (that’s the new BES12).

A game-changer! Internet of Things Already in Use for More Than Half of Global Businesses. This could be a slice of heaven in most major cities, it seems. William Clay Ford Jr., executive chairman of Ford Motor Co., states that the solution to ease traffic congestion (commenting specifically about Beijing at a recent conference) is not to add more roads but smart traffic systems; i.e. implementing smart traffic lights that connect cars through sensors and inform drivers of available parking spaces. Works for me. Thanks for sharing, Mellisa Tolentino at SiliconANGLE.

Joe Rizzo, TMCnet drives us to Embedded M2M Solutions – Third Party Developers Get the Green Light for Android Auto. Google just released a new set of APIs for Android Auto giving third party developers the go-ahead to start building apps for its in-car software platform. This is Google’s first Android Auto API(s) with the hope that it will jump-start Android applications that work seamlessly with cars equipped with the platform. To be seen…soon, we’re guessing.

Public Trust in security over the IoE infrastructure is critical to the successful proliferation and adoption of new technologies. So then, would you climb aboard an autonomous vehicle if you didn’t trust the security of the platform or be at east with autonomous UAVs flying overhead if you thought their security could be compromised? And how well would you sleep if you thought your home security system was hackable? Chris Long, President and COB at the Center for Public Policy Innovation, takes pen in hand to bring concerns to the forefront.

ARM-based Server Market gets Qualcomm in hot pursuitIT World’s Andy Patrizio looks at how Qualcomm is wading into a field already occupied by the big guns: AMD, Marvell, Texas Instruments, Cavium and Applied Micro, which have all introduced ARM server CPUs. Moreover, edge servers will be important, especially with the rise of the IoT, this comes from Qualcomm’s CEO, Steve Mollenkopf – (Qualcomm) wants a piece of it. Read on about what piece of the pie this references.

Will our latest generation get credit in pushing connectivity to everything: How Millennials Created the IoT without Even Knowing? WIRED blogger Andrew Binns, XCHANGING says Millennials are showing us (the older generations, we get it!) an entirely new way to relate to the consumption and ownership of assets. They are connected by choice, reportedly spending a minimum of 6 hours online/day and more than two thirds – globally – have smartphones. Millennials are also pioneers of the sharing economy prone to renting, borrowing or sharing – instead of buying high-value assets, and expect to interact with their service provider in an inherently digital way. It is a brave new World, indeed.

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